Spread on the Web #2

First of all, thank you for all the birthday wishes!!! I really appreciate it! :)

This Friday will be one of those lazy posts — full of articles/things I found on the internet. Nevertheless, I hope it will be useful for you in some way :) Also, it’s finally time for Spring Break! My Spring Break officially starts next Monday, April 14th, until April 21st. I’m not sure if it’s actually only my university or the customary practice in Germany, but I always have Spring Break the week before Easter Monday. In total (including the weekend before the official Spring Break) I have 10 days of Spring Break. How is/was it at your college/university?

There is such thing called The Cat Fancier’s Association.
My old friend is part of it and he showed off of his membership letter on Facebook. Care to join? :D

Want your post to go viral? Read Topics to Make a Post Go Viral. I thought it was another abstract tips with little practical examples, but it isn’t! Basically if you want to write viral posts, pay attention to the current events/seasons! For example, in February Valentine’s Day is a big event so try to write something about it. Most of the tips in the article are actually more applicable to mom bloggers, but I think the idea is universal, so you might want to take a look at it ;)

There are regional currencies in Germany, in total around 40. One of the most successful ones is Chiemgauer from Chiemgau, Bavaria. 1 Chiemgauer equals to €1 and it was invented after Germany changed its currency to Euro. The inventor, a high school Economics teacher, expects the currency to eventually finance around 50% of regional economy.

Halve your risk of dying by eating more vegetables. You may think, no brainer, right? Nevertheless some scientists just finished a new study about it announced their result. They say you have to eat 1-2 cups of fruits and 1-3 cups of vegetables daily to gain the full effect. Ain’t nobody got time fo’ that!

Gotta love this image about best dress for your body style by RE.MU, a style sharing network.

Best Dress for Your Body Style

Have an awesome weekend!!!

Legal Adult All the Way

Birthday Girl

The day is finally here!

What day?

The birthday!

So for those of you who are new here and haven’t read my About page, I just want to tell you that today, 21 years ago, I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. I was the first child of my parents, so for sure I was the greatest gift for them (at that time). My mom always commented how a doctor helped the labor process and not a midwife, unlike my sisters, and how she liked being helped by midwives instead. Oh well. Maybe it wasn’t the doctor — it was me.

Anyway, as you can see from the picture above, Google set this ol’ birthday wish on my Google front page. A while ago when I was still naïve, I thought it was super cool that they knew when my birthday was… Magic! Then I realized I was logged in with my Google account so of course they knew when it was…

So how did I spend my birthday?

Luke and I went to the only Indonesian restaurant in Bremen yesterday. He can’t go on my exact birthday so we went there a day before (hence I’m ready to post about it today :D) Here’s the picture if you don’t want to go to the old post, just to refresh your memory.

Surabaya Indonesisch Restaurant Bremen

And here’s a little bit of the inside:

Birthday GirlThe food was good but not really blog-post material a.k.a not served beautifully so I skipped that.

At midnight, my roomie and a couple of friends wished me a happy birthday. It was really nice of them, and I LOVED it, but do you know the part that I hated the most? When they sang me ‘Happy Birthday’… Not because how they did it, or the song itself, but more like how I had to stand awkwardly there… Should I sing along? But that would be too narcissistic. Should I just smile? Awkward. I don’t like to be in the limelight, so this part has always been my least favorite part. Nevertheless, my dear roomie and friends, if you read this, THANKS A LOT the surprise and the cupcake and the chocolate! :)

I know you know there are some privileges (or rights?) of being a 21 years old. If you’re Americans you know all the fuss of being able to finally drink alcohol (legally). It’s the same in Indonesia, but since the majority of the population don’t drink alcohol, nobody cares about that. Even if you do drink, I don’t think the rule is strictly imposed, so it seems like nothing changes when you turn 21 for the most part… BUT, there are still some perks of being 21 years old! Here they are:

- You can adopt a child in the UK

- Rent a car in several countries

- Get married without parental consent in Malaysia, Singapore, Puerto Rico, and several other countries

- Gamble in Vegas

- Sit next to learner driver in several countries

- License to drive a truck and fly an aeroplane or helicopter in the UK

- Stand in the parliament in several countries

Do you know other perks of being a 21 years old?