March 24, 2023

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Benefits of Drain Lining

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Drain lining is an easy, affordable, effective solution to pipe and drain blockage. In fact, most homeowners are opting to employ this method over more traditional pipe repair methods mainly due to there are several benefits. A drain lining process is not only cost efficient but time saving as well. As a matter of fact, it can help improve the lifespan of your pipes. If you are wondering if it can also prevent basement seepage problems and other plumbing problems down the road, the answer is yes.

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The process is made of a special resin that can resist oil, grease and other common elements found in household plumbing systems. This special epoxy resin is able to withstand not only oils and corrosives, but it is highly resilient and non-corrosive. Once applied, it hardens into a non-corrosive shell that is then injected into the pipes. The resulting mixture hardens into tough PVC pipes that are virtually immune to leaking.

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There are two types of drain lining that can be used to combat leaks in your drains. One type of material is called a full pour and the other is called a keyhole joint. Full pour drain liners are used for drains in the sewer system while keyhole joints are often used for sump pumps and sewage systems. If you want to learn more about this type of drain relining, be sure to contact a licensed professional in your area. You can also search the Internet for professional companies such as Wilkinson Environmental who can install these drain linings for you.


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