How to greet your business visitors effectively

If you work as a receptionist the chances are that you probably have to greet visitors to your place of work. This could be potential clients or customers that you already work with and can also be suppliers who help  your business. Here are some of the ways that you can ensure that you are greeting your business visitors effectively.

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Be professional – make sure that your business wear is professional and that you greet your visitors with a ‘Good Morning’ or a ‘Good Afternoon’ this will help to start your conversation off and greets them in a positive way. You also need to make sure that you are talking loud enough for them to hear, especially if you have a security screen in front of you.

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Signing in – when you sign in your visitor it is important that you ask them clearly for their name, and it is worth ensuring that you listen carefully to the way that they pronunce their name so that you can ensure that you get it right. You may need to ask them to sign into a visitors book or use a digital sign in pad depending on what your company is set up with.

Relax – show your visitors to the Reception Chairs where they can wait for their appointment and where appropriate ask them if they would like a refreshment. You can also use click machines that allow they to get themselves the drink of their choice.