Three Health Hazards Caused Indoors That can be Solved with Cleaning

Cleaning isn’t something that is everyone’s idea of fun, but it is something that is essential for good health. If your home or business needs a good deep clean, it is often a good idea to hire someone to do it like this office cleaning Cheltenham based company Into Cleaning, rather than to let the situation get worse! When you are indoors, such as the home or the workplace, there are many hazards to your health that can be caused by a lack of cleaning and poor hygiene.

Here are just three things that you might encounter in the home or in the workplace that could be a threat to your health…

Damp and Mould – There are many different types of moulds, from those that grow in damp places to those that grow on gone off food. Having mould around is not good for health at all, as mould produces spores and substances which can be irritating or even toxic. There are some people who can be more badly affected by mould than others, such as young children and babies, elderly people, and people who have a pre-existing respiratory condition such as asthma. If you have any mould around, getting rid of it should be your highest priority, and you should also find out the cause to prevent it in the future.

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Air Pollution – This is something that we associate with the outdoors in a large city like London for example which has long been known to have a problem with poor air quality and smog. However, poor air quality can also happen indoors and is caused by things like smoking, dampness and the fumes from toxic substances or burning. These are all dangerous to health, and steps should be taken to prevent this and also good ventilation used.

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Dirty Surfaces – Surfaces that have not been cleaned can quickly become a breeding ground for many bacteria and viruses. From coughs and colds to salmonella, having dirty surfaces can spread a lot of illnesses. Computer keyboards are particularly bad for this, so always pay attention to regular cleaning of a keyboard, and also avoid eating over your computer as this leads to crumbs of food dropping and encouraging bacteria to grow there.