March 23, 2023

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Changing Jones van in Dad’s Army

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After the retreat at Dunkirk it was time for Britain to lick its wounds and pray that the RAF would keep the German Forces and bay. The Army needed to be resupplied, recruited and retrained before the Nazi’s could start their envitable invasion of the Island. As the country stood alone it needed time to maneuver plan and organise. If the worst happened and the RAF failed then who would stand in the way of the invaders. The answer was the soldier so the Home Guard. Untrained volunteers, many of them having seen service in the First world war of those too old to fight this time round. They were affectionately known as Dad’s Army (the average age being 35 and not the popular view of older men as is suggested).

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One 1970’s sitcom attempted to highlight the struggles they had and it was certainly a very comedic source for the writers. As the men of the platoon of Warmington on Sea steadied themselves for the defence of the realm one of the things they found most lacking was kit to fight with.

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They decide to improvise and the use of Corporal Jones butchers Van seems like the most sensible option for an armour vehicle.  They are soon cutting holes in the side, something that Jones will need to repair with some Metal bonding adhesive from CT1 at a later date, so that they can fire a sting broadside at the Germans before making good their escape. As soon as they get some decent rifles and ammunition to fire that is.

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