How to successfully use social media marketing

Once you have set out a clear goal for what you want to achieve in terms of marketing, you should focus on consumer insight. Identifying your target audience is the most essential step in choosing the type of content you create. This can be achieved through competitor and audience analysis which although will take time, can put you in a great position to bring your business to social media.

There is an ever-growing selection of social media platforms out there for you to choose from however some will give you more success and reach the right audience over others. Facebook is one of the most versatile platforms as it can be used for successful marketing of all types of content. The Facebook algorithm will help to promote your brand repeatedly to increase customer interest. Other great platforms include Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

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Once you have chosen what platforms to use, the design elements such as colours, photos and videos are your next focus. Utilising visuals that reflect your content but stand out in a crowd of other social media posts is a driver for engagement. A great idea to test this is with some market research which allows you to get feedback and inspiration from your potential customers.

Engagement with your audience can also be done directly through social media marketing. Taking advantage of two-way communication by responding to messages and queries promptly can be done easily through social media. Other ideas such as conducting polls or running a contest will also help boost interaction as well as build on your own customer research.

When posting, it is important to be consistent and keep up to date with trends. Algorithms and trends can be tricky to keep up with however getting someone within your business to manage this and do research can be helpful.

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Success online can be overnight, and to do this you may want to get help from the internet’s biggest promoters – influencers. Collaborating with an influencer who has a large following of potential customers can be costly but arguably worth it if done correctly.

Essentially, the key to success on social media will be experimentation. There will never be a set algorithm which means changing and testing different formats and designs. A brand strategy agency such as Really Helpful Marketing can help you produce authentic and representative content that will engage the right audience and progress your business in the direction you are wanting.