March 23, 2023

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Do You Know What a Drain Lining Survey Is?

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Drain Lining Surveys are conducted to evaluate drain channels and their condition in the waterway network. This process allows engineers to determine the cause of blockages and to identify the location and depth of underground water pipes. Drains can become blocked due to the growth of invasive organisms, tree roots, soil compaction, or debris from storm drains, to name a few. An image credit of a blocked drain can help engineers from companies like Wilkinson Environmental find the root cause of the problem and develop a course of action to remedy the situation.

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Drainage systems can become clogged due to materials such as leaves, twigs, pine needles, insects, and debris that fall into the waterways. While some of these materials are non-hazardous, others pose serious threats to the health of individuals who wade through the waterways every day. Tree roots are a common problem for residential and commercial properties because they can easily cut through pipes and cause pipes to become clogged.

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When dealing with a drainage issue, it is important to first determine what caused the obstruction in the first place. A qualified engineer will then be able to determine if an underground drain is the best solution. The images obtained during an inspection can help identify the exact location of the obstruction and show if a trench drain is the ideal solution. In most cases, the use of a trench drain solution is the best option.

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