How to build confidence and self confidence

Self-confidence is essential to reap a life of success and build our skills. Steve Jobs, Martin Luther King, Jr., Michael Jordan, Elon Musk and Mark Cuban are just some examples of incredibly successful people who reached the top thanks to their self-confidence. However, the important thing is not your level of success but your ability to overcome any obstacle.  We are talking about build confidence. They were able to move on, overcome difficult times and achieve success because of their self-confidence, no matter how many failures they had experienced over the years.

Techniques how to build confidence self-confidence:

At the moment of increasing self-confidence, you must invest in the power of the mind, which allows you to create a vision of the future so powerful that it helps you overcome each of the difficulties. In this article, we will share with you some techniques to increase self-confidence, as well as a series of habits that will strengthen the personal image you have of yourself.

1. First, celebrate your achievements:

As human beings, it is natural that we seek (and find) the negative side in difficult situations, but our mind is a powerful weapon if you know how to use it in your favor. How to increase self-confidence? Find the positive side at each moment and at the end of the day, appreciate the achievements you made. They can be those of today, last week, last month in short, what really matters is that you realize what you have achieved over time. Be certain that this habit will increase self-confidence. This technique will give you a feeling of happiness and security since you will understand that you have achieved wonderful things. Whether big or small, it does not matter, celebrate your achievements!

2. Talk to yourself as if you were a champion, How to build confidence

Talk to yourself more than what you hear: Jon Gordon
So be it once a week, try to talk to yourself as if you were a champion instead of listening to you as if you were a victim. You will be impressed by the results when you put aside your prejudices. Thinking positively is one thing, but dialoguing with yourself as if you were a champion transforms your thought process instantly. That happens when you do it? You leave negative thoughts and begin to realize that you are capable of whatever, that you are the only person who will encourage you to follow.

Repeat motivational phrases, with power and conviction, such as:

“I’m the best at what I do”,
“There’s nothing I can not do when I fully commit myself”,
“I’m not normal, I’m a champion”.

If there is no self-confidence then why do you expect someone from outside to have it? We are talking about how to build confidence. If you are an employee, you can not expect your boss to trust you if you do not. If you are an entrepreneur, how do you expect an investor to believe in your ideas if you do not do it yourself? The women and men who changed the world knew perfectly the power of self-confidence, and that’s why they never stopped believing in them despite their circumstances.

The power of habits overconfidence in yourself:

Successful people choose good habits, which may seem difficult to practice, instead of living a stagnant life; and although they seem to be reaching nothing at the beginning, remember that the “small hinges open great doors”. Here you have four powerful habits that will strengthen self-confidence and allow you to achieve what you want in life while you enjoy the process.

3. Face life, do not resist:

When things do not go as you expected, the first thing we usually do is resist. Instead of doing so, take the time to consider what is not working and why. Knowing the reasons is important for your personal growth. Hard times can be an opportunity to change our way of thinking. If you face life, you will feel the relief of going over difficulties, and the satisfaction of not getting stuck. Life could ruin your plans when your plans are about to ruin you.

4. Affirm in your beliefs, do not degrade yourself:

One of the most common ways to degrade yourself is by asking the wrong questions that rob you of power. How to build confidence. These questions immediately change your mental patterns, changing them from positive to negative. Your mind is powerful, and the way you cultivate it defines the reality you live. So make sure you ask the right questions. Here are three examples of wrong questions:

Why can not I lose weight? Because I will never be able
Why can not I do things in a good way? Because I’m not smart
Why am I so bad economically? Because I’m a loser.
The bad questions lead you to bad answers, and when you turn it into a routine, your subconscious becomes accustomed to this type of response and makes it your reality.

Instead, ask yourself the following questions:

What are the two most important steps I must take to lose weight?
What other way is there to do this much faster?
What are the three things I can do to increase my income?

5. Brainstorm, do not blame the rain:

Blaming the rain is generating new ideas and using our creative ability to find reasons why something is not our fault. This vision creates a mental block to our life called resentment. And unlike rabies, this is something that takes place exclusively inside. This is the best opportunity to build confidence reason why resentment is tempting and pleasant is that it generates a sense of control, which is no more than an illusion. Please stop living in the past, relive past experiences that do not add value, or contribute to increasing self-confidence.

How to take away your resentment?

You can achieve this by brainstorming, finding the reasons and reasons to understand that your past is part of you, but it does not define you; understanding that if you do not control it, it will manipulate you and defeat you. It is always good to remember that your past is part of your experience, but it does not define your identity. Its purpose is to make you stronger, and not to control you. You are the pioneer of your future, and you have the power in the present.

6. Do something, not everything:


Sometimes the best thing you can do is quit. There comes a time when you must give up doing everything, to meet the expectations of others, to finish things that do not add value. You must learn to focus, eliminating those activities that do not add up on your way to success.

Recommended books:

It is normal to feel that the busier we are the better we will go when the reality is that it is not only about quantity but about the quality of what you do. The key to concentration is elimination. This opens the doors for you to live productively and gives you the freedom to really do what is important. In conclusion, these habits and techniques will not only increase self-confidence but will also contribute to the realization of your goals.