Explanation of different types of singing style

Before undertaking the long road that leads to professional singing, it is necessary to have training in the types of singing that exist. Also know how to distinguish the types of singing, to find yours, is a fundamental part to learn to sing. Next, we will see the types of singing within classical music. When you first find your voice, before you can start training it! There are different types of singing style. While the opera singer pretends to emit an acoustic sound for his public in a concert, either in a theater or in an auditorium apt for this type of operatic concerts without audio equipment.

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Types of singing

Classical music

In the song trained in the classical discipline – opera, oratorio, Lied, etc – the voices are classified according to their extension and color, basically according to their register or position. We listen to privileged voices daily as well as people who simply are not endowed with this desired ability, but as many of us ask ourselves, what makes a person sing well?

To be considered a good singer, as many people think, not only should we enjoy having a very good voice, since we can observe the great types of singing styles and voices that exist around the world, starting here we will name the different types of voices that exist. In men and women, there are three types of voice in both sexes, and they are divided into:

Male Voices, types of singing

Low: It is the record with the most serious notes that a male voice can produce because of its thickness, the lowest note a voice could have given was E2 (Mi 2) and the record as low goes to C4 (Do 4) . The record of the bass is more than two octaves.

Baritone: It is the intermediate voice in the register of males, it goes from G2 (Sun 2) to A4 (La 4) and there are some that can reach B4 (Si 4). His record is more than two octaves.

Tenor: It is the cutest record that a man can produce, it goes from C3 (Do 3) onwards since a tenor using falsetto can reach very high notes until the 6th octave.

Female Voices

Contralto: It is the lowest of the female voices, matching the register of a tenor from C3 (Do 3) to C5 (Do 5) without falsetto.

Mezzo-soprano: Same as the baritone in male voices, it is the average register but in female voices and goes from A3 (La 3) to F5 (Fa 5).

Soprano: This is the highest tessitura in the human voice. Its lowest note is C4 (Do 4) onwards. These happen since there are sopranos that can reach very high notes. It also related with or without falsetto but its normal limit is C6 (Do 6).
In addition, there are types of male voices that require physiological manipulation (castration) or partial training of the falsetto register.


Voice of tiple

It is called “white voice” the voice of prepubertal or the use of voice without vibrato.

The voice is accompanied by techniques that can be learned by classes or just by practicing, these can range from expanding the vocal register to learning to control volume, vibration, breathing, body positions and other aspects that can influence the emission of the voice.

As mentioned before, not only is having a good voice what makes a good singer, people should know that if they do not sing it is not because their voice is not pleasant for others because there are people who have very nice, soft voices, strong, thick, thin, powerful but it is not due to their lack of talent, it is due to the ear.

What distinguishes singers from other people apart from. They are able to do by handling their voice is that they have the ear to do it. The ear is undoubtedly what makes a person sing. Because when someone interprets a song they make music and this is where a singer’s hearing ability. This comes in because thanks to his natural fine ear he can make his voice resonate. He also makes his voice in the same tone as the music he listens. This is what allows him to sing in tune and in tune. That makes his voice pleasant for others regardless of his style. Tessitura or timbre will sing “in the tone” as he is known.


Singing is a very good profession. Its a part of the entertainment. Everyone should know about music and its tone. If you want to know about different types of singing,  you need to read this article perfectly. Here we show you different types of singing.