Top 10 footballers who triumphed over their stories of tragedy

The life of a soccer player lasts more than ninety minutes. It goes beyond discounts. It begins after each final whistle. At that time the shields, shirts and fans disappear to give way to reality. That moment in which they combine dreams with sorrows and dramas with tears, carrying painful memories that they will always carry in their hearts.Here are ten footballers who triumphed over their stories and chest with his great spirit:

Footballers who triumphed over their stories

1. Jakub Blaszczykowski

There is no goal to score without looking to the sky to remember it. His mother, Anna, left when she was only 11 years old in the most cruel way for a child that age. ‘Kuba’ saw how her father, Zygmunt, stabbed her again and again to death after a marriage argument. The Borussia Dortmund player spent four days without speaking or eating. “I will never understand why it happened, I always ask myself ‘why?’ Until the end of my life I will have to live with this, I would give everything in exchange for my mother being alive, “he said visibly moved in an interview for Polish television.

Since his arrest, Blaszczykowski never saw his father again, sentenced to fifteen years in prison. Until May 2012, when the 28-year-old midfielder attended his funeral. He tried to leave football but his uncle Jerzy Brezczec, former captain of the Polish national team, avoided him.

2. Franck Ribery, Footballers who triumphed over their stories

With each smile he draws on his face, he tells his story. Life was in charge of making him play finals since he opened his eyes for the first time. At birth, his parents abandoned him in a nunnery. Two years later, he suffered a car accident while riding in the back seat of a car. With the crash, the Frenchman was expelled from the place where he was and his face hit the windshield, causing a series of cuts which resulted in scars that looks to this day. Hence, his nickname is ‘Scarface’, famous movie starring Al Pacino.

“When they were little they made fun of me and hid me to cry in a corner. But that has helped me in my life, “once assured Ribéry, who was thrown out of the convent where he lived as a troublemaker. They say that the 31-year-old soccer player was fleeing the place to go to play soccer with his friends. Before achieving countless titles with Bayern Munich and being chosen as the best in Europe, Franck had to survive working as a bricklayer.

3. Jesus Arismendi

To continue playing already makes him a winner. His effort is the best tribute for those who take care of him from heaven. Five years ago his parents watched him from the top. There was no farewell. Jesus Arismendi Pino, father of the ‘Moncho’ and NCO of the National Police, killed two shots to his wife Zoila Milder Lazo and then took his life with the same weapon . Everything happened at the door of the Arequipa Nutritionist’s College, where the mother worked, at 10 o’clock in the morning of the tragic Tuesday, June 23, 2009. The reason would have been for financial debts.

“I know I have to get ahead. I dedicate this triumph to my parents who are seeing me from heaven and my little sister, who has seen me from my home, ” declared the current player of Inti Gas after the meeting between his former club, Megar, and Alianza Lima played alone. a few days after the fateful event.

4. Juan Guillermo Cuadrado

Before gambetear rivals learned to dodge bullets. When the shots rang, a little Juan Guillermo, only four years old, hid under his bed, following the instructions of his parents. No shot hit him but his heart was hurt forever. Near him, the body of his father, who worked on a banana farm, was motionless on the ground. After achieving its purpose, the criminals fled. They were violent times in the Municipality of Necoclí, Antioquia (Colombia).

His mother, Marcela Bello, assumed the responsibility of the home, which she earned by earning her salary in banana and ice cream shops. The Fiorentina player never missed anything. When he arrived at Italian football, he told his mother not to work anymore.

5. Mario Regueiro

Blow after blow has remained standing, like a good Uruguayan. While playing in Racing Club , Regueiro was notified that his 43-year-old sister had lost the battle: she decided to commit suicide after not suffering the pain of her daughter’s death in a traffic accident.

His tragedy had begun two years before, in 2011. Álvaro Costa (18) and Javier Regueiro (19), both nephews of the former player of Valencia and Nacional de Montevideo , were killed by a settling of accounts in the Uruguayan capital. Today, Mario is still up in arms, fighting with the colors of the Hill of his country.

6. Mario Balotelli

Many times he acts without reason as his parents once did. With serious problems in the intestine and thinking that he was going to die, the Ghanaians, Thomas and Rose Barwuah , their parents, decided to move to Brescia. In the Italian city, the family situation did not change and the shortage continued with them. Blinded by the poverty that surrounded them, they gave Mario social service when he was still a baby.

At that moment, appeared Francesco and Silvia Balotelli, surviving couple of the Jewish extermination in Europe, who raised according to their customs the Liverpool striker. Despite his madness, Mario always finds moments of light. As in the semifinals of Euro 2012, when with two goals he gave the victory to Italy against Germany and starred in one of the most emotional moments of the tournament: that endless hug with his mother , who had visited the Auschwitz concentration camps , where they murdered a large part of his family.

7. Piermario Morosini

With each fight, the heartbeat diminished. In full game, when it disputed an encounter with Livorno by Italian Serie B, Morosino fell collapsed on the lawn by cardiac unemployment. He could not do it anymore. That Saturday in April 2012, the 26-year-old was left without strength after a tireless battle.

Eleven years ago he had lost his mother. Twenty-four months later, it was his father, Aldo, who left. Between the two deaths, Francesco, his brother, decided to commit suicide, victim of a deep depression. Piermario never lost his smile, confessed Antonio Di Natale, who since the disappearance of his friend would take care of Carla Maria, the disabled sister of Morosini.

8. Hope Solo

Her courage on and off the field makes it clear that women are not the weaker sex. Before reaching glory with the US women’s team, Solo had to face a difficult childhood. She was conceived in prison , on a visit from her mother to her father, Jeffrey John. There was never any tranquility in his home: his father was a habitual criminal and his mother always had a bottle of liquor in his hand. However, it was Jeffrey who brought more tears to the beautiful Hope. When she was a scout her dad stole all the money saved by her and her companions. Then, at age 7, Mr. Solo abducted her with her brother. Fact that put him back behind bars. With the passage of time his father tried to change and never missed a meeting of Solo. Until 2007. Jeffrey was preparing to travel to New York to see his daughter play but a sudden heart attack prevented him. Hope Solo was stronger than his pain and proved it by winning the gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and London 2012. Just a week ago he was the victim of a hacker who posted his own photos. True to his style, he has already been at the forefront of these publications.

9. Carlos Tevez

Since he was a little boy he got used to receiving cunning mistakes. Very hard, those who seek the physical and not the ball. At age 5 he lost his father, who died instantly after receiving 23 bullets in a shootout in the neighborhood of Fuerte Apache. Carlos had not given him his last name and his mother, Fabiana Martínez, decided to leave him when he was only six months old.

The obstacles continued to appear: ten months later, boiling water fell on his neck and part of his face. Everything worsened when out of desperation they covered him with nylon blankets to take him to the hospital, which were stuck to his skin aggravating the situation. The scars it carries are the memory of that accident that could end in tragedy.

Already healthy after two months of intensive therapy, the ‘Apache’ was left in charge of his maternal uncles, Adriana Martínez and Segundo Tevez. Playing at Manchester United he received the bad news that his biological brother, the only one with whom he had a relationship, and his brother-in-law were arrested for trying to steal an armored truck. There he decided to put an end to that link. Only a few months ago, in July, his adoptive father was kidnapped and released after eight hours. Despite the bad times, Tevez is still responsible for punting them with goals in every game of Juventus .

10. Victor Moses

He had to leave his country with the speed that characterizes him but not by his own decision. Back in 2002, in Nigeria Islamic law was decreed, leaving as targets those people who did not comply. His family was of high and Christian class. Even his father was a minister of that religion in the city of Kudana. As every afternoon, Victor was playing football with friends at his school, waiting for his father’s call to return home to do his homework. However, that moment would never come. His uncle went to look for him and explained the reason: his parents had been murdered in his home by Muslims and he had to escape to survive. With only eleven years and without assimilating the shocking news, the Stoke City footballer spent a few days hiding until he was able to leave the African country for England.

After a slow adaptation to the European country, Moses began to stand out in the Crystal Palace before arriving at the Premier League with the Wigan. Soon it would happen to Liverpool and to Chelsea , club to which its pass belongs.