Will there be much benefit from the mask of activated charcoal and glue?

benefit from the mask of activated charcoal

From the blackheads on the face can easily get rid of. The fact that the PVA glue gets a great mask, it’s hard to even think about. It does not contain toxins, so it will not do any harm to the skin. Since the glue can dissolve in water, it is quite easy to wash it off.

Preparing for the procedure

To prepare a person for the use of this remedy, before using it, make a steaming procedure with a warm towel or ordinary steam. As a result, pores are opened. Then apply glue on the skin with blackheads. After a while, drying will occur. After that, the film can be removed.


Blackheads can quickly get rid of if you use a mask of glue PVA and activated charcoal. Before you squeeze them, you should also pair your face. The blackheads are easily squeezed out by using improvised means. Next, we carry out the disinfection of the instrument so that no microbes can penetrate the skin. When squeezing the pain is not felt. If it appears, you need to stop.

The benefits of activated charcoal

Effective skin clarification is performed using activated charcoal with PVA glue. Activated charcoal is sold in tablets without a prescription. How to make a mask? You can find the different recipe at http://dakskincare.com but please read this recipe as well.

  • To use it, you need to crush the tablets.
  • Capsules for the mask should not be used because of large granules.
  • An adhesive is added to the charcoal powder to produce a thick slurry.
  • Then the product is applied to the skin of the face.
  • After the mixture dries completely, it can be washed off.

Often blackheads appear on the bridge of the nose, so you should apply a prepared gruel to this place. Then you can continue applying the mixture on the cheeks, forehead, and chin.

Mask of glue and activated charcoal: Application and preparation

Activated charcoal is well used in cosmetology.

The mask of a mixture of coal and glue effectively eliminates acne, excess fat and can be used to whiten teeth. The glue is added to the mask to make it look like a film that begins to absorb every black point. When the mask dries, it is removed along with blackheads.

When the mask is peeled from the face, each black dot goes out together with the glue. It may not be possible to get rid of small blackheads, but if you use this tool periodically, then all problems will be solved with time.

It is believed that PVA is completely safe, but this does not mean the absence of individual intolerance. It is recommended to pass the text on the allergen. Keep reading http://www.dakskincare.com/10-tips-take-care-face-summer/