How long does a transfer of equity take?

A transfer of equity changes who is the legal owner of a property. It adds or removes someone from the title deeds, meaning that the ownership is amended with the agreement from all onboard parties.
The average time for completion is approximately 4 weeks.


The average time for completing a straightforward, uncomplicated, transfer of equity is between 2 and 4 weeks. However, this may be longer for more complicated transactions, such as a transfer of equity associated with relevant divorce proceedings or probate matters. A transfer of equity may also be complicated when there is a mortgage and mortgage lenders are involved. There may also be delays when there are restrictions in place on the property which need addressing before completion.

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HM Land Registry receives around 1.8 million applications per month. Legal ownership rights are in place from when the application is received, rather than when the application is processed and finalised. Therefore, transactions are immediately protected.

The overall process is quicker than when completing a normal property purchase.

Transfer of Equity Solicitors

Because of the complex and legally binding nature of completing a transfer of equity, it is recommended that all parties take the advice of a specialist.

In order to expedite the process, many transfer of equity solicitor firms now utilise technology such as Skype or Zoom for meetings, making it quicker, easier and simpler for you to undergo your transfer of equity. They can complete your transfer under the terms of a fixed fee arrangement, meaning that all associated costs are transparent from the start. For more information on transfer of equity services, visit

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Whilst a transfer of equity is a complex legal process, there are teams of expert conveyancers and solicitors available to help you navigate through it.