Is a holiday home a good investment?

Have you ever been on holiday and wished that you could stay forever, or marvelled at the price that you have paid for a week in someone else’s property? Many would-be investors think that a holiday home will be the answer to their financial worries or provide a guaranteed income. Others think of the free holidays that they could enjoy. In this article, we discuss the pros and cons of owning a holiday home.

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– You own a holiday home that you can visit whenever you want.

– You know what to expect and can repeatedly stay in an area that you like.

– You can earn a second income by renting it out when you are not using it.

– You can sell it in the future and make a profit.


– You must comply with complicated tax laws.

– You will pay a higher rate of Stamp Duty on a second home.

– You may be unable to rent it out enough to cover the mortgage repayments.

– You will need to pay for a cleaner between each paying guest.

– Guests may not treat the property with care and respect.

– You will be responsible for maintenance and upkeep on a second property.

If you decide that buying a holiday home is the right move for you, make sure that you employ a RICS-certified surveyor to complete a home buyers survey ahead of purchase. Conveyancers such as will be able to recommend a suitable surveyor, particularly when you are buying outside of your area.

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The homebuyers survey cost will pale in comparison to buying a property with undeclared issues which would be expensive and time-consuming to rectify. A holiday home is not without risk but can be a great long-term investment.