Quick and easy ways to prevent window draughts

Nothing cools a room down more rapidly and leaves you feeling more exposed to the elements than a cool draught entering your home from gaps in window panes.

The Centre for Sustainable Energy says that draught-proofing is one of the best ways to save energy and money in your home. Many draught-proofing jobs are quick and easy to complete, so read on for some tips.
Self-adhesive draught tape

Draught tape is one of the cheapest ways to draught-proof your windows, whereby tape is applied between the windows and the frames and to gaps between the frames. It is important to apply the tape properly; otherwise, it may be too big or small for the windows and mean you cannot open or close them or leave you with gaps and a continued draught.

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Window film

Window film is not only a good way to add privacy to a home but also specific types can reduce heat leaking through the glass of your windows. While it can be a little fiddly to put in place, window film is a good option if you need to remove it later down the line, such as in the summer or in a rental property.

Bubble wrap

Another measure that is ultra cheap but probably won’t win any interior design awards is bubble wrap taped across windows. This is a good way of keeping heat in and cold air out.

These are all temporary measures, so those looking for long-term options should consider new windows Cirencester from a reputable company such as www.truhouse.co.uk/double-glazing/windows/cirencester/.

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Not just an interior design choice, properly insulated curtains can be effective draught-proofers as long as they are fitted properly.