Where you can find solar panels

If you’re thinking about joining the one in 25 homes in the UK with solar panels, then you’ll be making a wise move. There are currently about one million rooftops with solar panels and the panels are available for any size property.

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On average, a typical set up for a domestic home would feature between 10 and 14 panels. They can be installed on both sloping and flat roofing and the power created is directed straight to the home’s appliances.

Commercial and industrial use is also on the rise. Any rooftop has the potential to have solar panels fitted, including shops, schools, hospitals and supermarkets, for example. The power generated can then be used onsite. As energy is one of the biggest costs for businesses, solar panels offer a tangible reduction in these costs. To find out more about Solar Panel Installers Weston, go to https://redbridgeandsons.co.uk/solar-pv-panels/solar-panel-installers-weston

There are also ground-mounted systems that are found in dedicated solar parks. Owned or leased land can be used, with the right planning permission, to create solar parks that serve communities. Some solar parks have even been developed on floating systems that can be used on water. As of 2020, solar parks in the UK contributed 11% of the UK’s complete electricity demand.

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Dependence on the sun means that sometimes more power will be generated than at other times. Storage options offer flexibility for panel owners, who can draw on stored energy in times of less solar generation.