March 30, 2023

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How Does Someone Become a Saint?

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In Roman Catholic theology, a saint is defined as any person in the church who has been designated as a “saint”. St. Valentine is the patron saint of young lovers. St. John the Baptist is another saint well known to Catholics. Many Christians consider St. Valentine and St. John the two true Saints. The word for being made a Saint is to be beatified.

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Although many traditional Catholics will not consider St. Valentine and St. John the two true Saints, the two are commonly referred to as such. While it is true that the Roman Catholic Church claims both as their spiritual guides, it is debatable whether they are truly sainted. St. Valentine was martyred in his home with his father because of a dispute over money, while St. John the Baptist was condemned to death for speaking out against the Roman Emperor in the third century. They also generally have to have seen or performed a miracle and led a deeply Christian life.

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In recent years, some within the Roman Catholic Church have started to refer to St. Valentine as a Saint. It is generally accepted that this was done in an effort to co-opt the tradition of St. Valentine by those within the Catholic Church who felt it had become redundant. Easily one of the most recognisable and celebrated Saints is that of St Patrick. Parades and Parties are held all over the world. ST Patricks Day Gifts can be bought from to mark the occasion. It doesn’t speed up the beatification however.

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