March 30, 2023

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How to support a young disabled person with independent living

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There are many young people living in the UK who have various forms of disability. These could be physical disabilities or learning difficulties that mean that they need extra support to carry out daily tasks. One important aspect of many of these young people’s lives is the ability to remain as independent as possible. For some, this means looking at ways that they can live independently or at least feel like they can carry out activities for themselves in the family home. There are a number of ways that young disabled people can be supported with this.

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Routine – for a lot of young people who need extra support it is important to help them develop a routine, This could be set times for them to eat their lunch and dinner to ensure that they have a good relationship with food and it can also mean looking at specific times when they may need to take important medication.

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Equipment – there are many pieces of equipment and Mobility Aids, like the ones from Ability Superstore that can be used to help support mobility and also to help with everyday tasks such as bathing and getting dressed. By having these pieces of equipment at home the young person can support themselves with a number of daily tasks, rather than having to rely on others to do this for them.

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