How to be a best professional blogger? 5 best keys

The profession of professional blogger begins to make serious talk about him; the blogging is an area that fascinates and perplexes often asked. If you’re one of those people who are more and more interested in bloggers, you’ve certainly noticed that those who succeed have a more comfortable life, far from the famous metro-work-dodo. How to become a professional blogger? How to stop working and live with your passion? Discover immediately the keys to success.

Professional blogger

Everyone can be a blogger. There are some rules that can make you as a professional blogger. Here we show you some rules. If you follow this rules, it can be useful for you.


1) Be ready to commit



Wondering how to become a professional blogger? To begin, you must be available, that is, you must be psychologically ready to engage in such an endeavor. Becoming a professional blogger requires a minimum of investment, so you will have to spend several hours each week and prepare to know the famous “crossing the desert”.

2) Answering a need

The words are strong but reflect the reality: blogs that work meet a need or a pain:

What skills do you have? Can you share them with the rest of the world? Do you ever learn things from people around you or from strangers? Whether you are passionate or have a burning desire to learn, blogging can quite match you. No need to be an ace on a specific subject to become a professional blogger, the only fact of being able to compile information and popularize them will allow you to create a quality blog.

3) Pleasing to become a professional blogger

There is no secret, if you are wondering how to become a professional blogger, know that you will have to seduce your audience. How? Offering quality content, catchy titles, a great user experience, and free products with high added value. If you just do what is called “word for word”, that you try on every page to train your readers to sponsored links or advertising banners, then your blog will flop. Internet users are not fooled, if you want to retain them, you must offer interesting content, if possible playful and viral.

4) Training to become a professional blogger

Autodidacts exist but remain rare in this environment. Succeeding in blogging takes time and often money … This is explained quite simply by the multitude of possibilities available to the blogger beginner when he starts his blog: he must choose his host, his domain name, his CMS, the titles he puts forward, the content he favors, the creation or not of a Youtube channel, etc. Often, the inexperienced blogger makes bad choices and is forced to start over once he has learned from his mistakes. Unfortunately, many of these steps have a cost and too many beginners lose money by trying their luck one or more times before resolving to undergo training to become a professional blogger.

A good training to become a blogger must contain:

A step by step method to have a solid foundation;
A methodology that allows you to work as efficiently as possible;
Technical details to save time ;
Case studies to compare;
Regular points in a group to stay motivated and not lose the thread;
Theoretical and practical explanations for gaining traffic and having subscribers ;
Tips to gain authority ;
An update on the psychology and behavior of Internet users;
Ideas for creating interaction with readers ;
Effective tips to monetize your blog.
A professional blog is a blog that brings money and no method, it is very difficult to obtain convincing results. Training to become a professional blogger is not essential, but it can save valuable time.
Do you tend to procrastinate and dream of becoming a professional blogger? Without training, you will certainly not advance, or maybe you will take 5 years to make a blog that you could have done in a few months. Being part of a dynamic group motivates and advances, this factor is one of the secrets of the success that results from a training, and this, whatever the field.

5) Have an excellent network of bloggers

Can we become a professional blogger without a network? The question arises, starting a blog without any contact, alone on the web, is not obvious. Knowing other bloggers allows you to share experiences but also to create partnerships, exchange links, good plans, etc. Without this network, everything takes a lot longer. Do not we say “better one who knows than ten who seek”? If you’ve started blogging and can not get your site off the ground, chances are you’ll run into technical issues on a regular basis or that you have concerns of authority (you are not credible enough because nobody recommends you). The network plays a vital role in the success of your blog. Becoming a professional blogger is quite possible but you have to keep in mind that this requires a real investment in the first place. Unlike most other trades, you will only need to “work hard” for a few months before you get good results; Usually, we train ourselves to learn to work and then we work to make money for time. The professional blogging offers the opportunity to train, have fun and then make money on the Web while “working” a minimum.