March 23, 2023

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Making the most of your Garage

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The role of the garage has changed a lot from what it was initially intended for. Once the place where you kept the car, the space provided by the garage has meant that it can be used for other purposes. Cars are not so prone to rusting as they were and there is increasing evidence from insurers that we are starting use the garage for other purposes. What are the other options that people have gone for? Regardless of the choice a Up and Over Doors Ltd, a Garage Doors Bristol outfit can ensure that it will look excellent.

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  1. Home gym. With the gyms all being closed the chance to make your own seemed very appealing. It also saves you money a month and while there maybe no swimming pool you don’t have far to go and refuel.
  2. A craft room. For a more gentle pastime why not invest in a room that you can devote to the humble pursuit of crafting. Making models, sewing, cross-stitch or maybe some art, it all takes up considerable space. Now you have a dedicated space for it so it’s not cluttering up the living room.

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  1. Games room and Bar. As with the gyms, if the pubs are closed again you can be prepared with this backup plan. Installing a fake bar and serving “pints” might seem a little far fetched but once you’ve got a dartboard and the pool table in there, what’s to stop you from recreating the old Rose and Crown (other pub names are available).
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