How to avoid electric meter fraud

Electric meter fraud involves tampering with the meter so that it does not correctly display the correct units of electricity used. Not only is electric meter fraud illegal, but it is also a significant safety hazard, as it carries a high risk of fire and electric shock.Electric meter fraud can be reported anonymously. Fraud not only costs individuals and business owners in terms of costs and inaccurate bills, but it can also cost lives. Electric meter fraud even has links to organised crime such as drugs, prostitution and people trafficking

How can I avoid electric meter fraud?

Ensure that anyone visiting your property, claiming to be from your supplier or the national grid, has adequate identification that can be verified before accessing your meter.

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Ensure that you have access to your electric meter and check it regularly. Take note of your meter readings and look out for signs of burning or uncased wires.

Look out for sparks and scorches around your meter. Also watch out for appliances that are smoking, sparking, or causing shocks.

Keep an eye on lights flickering or fuses blowing without cause.

Ensure that you maintain your meter properly and regularly. Make sure that wires are not loose or unusual in appearance.

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Ensure that your meter is secured and cased so that it is not easily accessed by anyone other than yourself, minimising the risk that it might be tampered with. Specialist electric meter box companies can carry out repairs to meter cupboards or install new, secure meter housing, to ensure optimum security for your electricity meter. Whether the housing has been damaged through age, vandalism or basic wear or tear, electric meter box companies can ensure that your electricity meter is secure. More information can be found at


If you have any suspicion that your electric meter has been tampered with, you should report it to your supplier and the local authority immediately. They will be able to arrange an emergency call out with minimum disruption to you, ensuring that your supply is checked and made safe.