March 30, 2023

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Should we be worried about all this CCTV?

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In the novel 1984 by George Orwell CCTV is everywhere. Your every move is observed and documented. In the home a huge screen on one side of every room projects the programs put out by the Ingsoc Government and it also watches you at all times. This rather nightmarish scenario did not thankfully come to pass and we have used CCTV in a relatively sparing way. In fact it has helped us to demonstrably reduce crime and to aid the prosecution of those that have committed crimes. There are a variety of other issues that we have put CCTV to and it has proved to be incredibly useful.

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Just ask Wilkinson Environmental. They use the technology to make our lives measurably better with a great use for CCTV. They use it to scout out what the issue with a drain is: CCTV Drainage Surveys involve the careful insertion of a camera on a long tube. In this way that can look right down the drain and even to the sewer depending on the length of cord they have brought.

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This allows the engineers to see exactly what is causing the problem without having to get up close and personal. Given what they find in the drains, have a think about what you put down them! If you could avoid it then you would. Once they find out what the problem is they can then call in the specialist equipment to clear it out. This will be a relief to everyone concerned.

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