How to choose an air source heat pump

Air source heat pumps are systems that are able to transfer heat from outside (i.e. the atmosphere) and then use this to heat or cool the inside of a building.

Air source heat pumps can help reduce both energy bills and overall carbon footprint. They have lower running costs than other alternatives, are very efficient, and have a long lifespan.

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Guidance on air source heat pumps in Cheltenham

There are several specialists in air source heat pumps Cheltenham and the surrounding area. Firms that have expertise in air source heat pumps in Cheltenham and nearby will be able to offer advice as to whether it is a feasible option for you – and also installation services if you do decide to go ahead.

How to choose

Assuming that you have already confirmed the viability from a practical perspective, ideally with help from an expert, you should also consider the following when choosing an air source heat pump.


This will be a key consideration for many and will determine the type of system that you go for. The average cost of an air source heat pump is around £14,000.. There are, however, some grants available to encourage installation, so take those into account.


If you look at each option, you should be able to do a cost versus saving analysis to identify the best in terms of value for money. Bear in mind that the savings are spread out over a long period of time but the initial cost is not (unless you are able to obtain some kind of finance agreement).

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Energy needs

It is important to work out how much energy you consume, how much you will be able to generate from installing an air source heat pump system, and how much you will still need from elsewhere. This will then help you decide what is the best system for you.

In conclusion, there are some great reasons to opt for an air source heat pump. But you should consider all of the above before choosing which option is best.