How To Fix Your TV’s Signal

It can be extremely annoying when your TV doesn’t have any signal. Luckily, there are many things you can do to solve the problem. It is possible however, that the problem is more serious and could be a fault with your TV aerial. If you end up needing a new TV aerial installed, click on tv aerial installation Bristol. If your TV aerial is fine, read on to find out how to fix your TV’s signal.

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The first thing you can do to fix your TV’s signal is to check that all of your cables are connected properly. TV cables can easily fall out of place and come loose, which can result in your TV not receiving any signal.

Once you have checked all your cables, have a look at the source (sometimes called the ‘input’ or ‘AV’) as this could be incorrect. Find the appropriate button on your TV remote and try each source to see if one of them will work. If none of them do, read on for some more possible causes.

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Another possible reason that your TV doesn’t have a signal, is perhaps because it needs re-tuning. Even if you had your TV re-tuned when you first bought it, it doesn’t necessarily mean it won’t need tuning again in the future. Channels like the BBC change their frequencies recently, and the 5G network means your TV might well need re-tuning.

Lastly, the cable used to connect your aerial to your TV may be broken or faulty. This is a common problem with cheap, low-quality leads, so it is best to invest in a more expensive one that you know will last.