March 23, 2023

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The Irish jumper keeping us all warm

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Men’s Aran Sweaters is made from sheep wool with a high amount of variations in designs and colouring. They are a design that is steeped in history and are still incredibly popular garments to wear today. Especially in the colder autumn and winter months.

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Men’s Aran Sweater is very special to the west coast of Ireland. It’s made from naturally oily wool from sheep in the Aran Islands, to keep the ocean-spray out while fishing. The wool used to make this sweater is very strong and thick to provide a warm, rugged winter sweater. The stitches are all individually designed meaning that every family had their own unique pattern arrangement on their sweaters – hence family could be identified simply by the colour on their sweaters. The design was very much appreciated because it meant everyone had the same design as theirs, which helped in maintaining peace among the villages as there was no competition. It also allowed the families to create a pattern that would be unique to them but in a styling that was standard across the islands.

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Mens Aran sweaters, like the ones from Shamrock Gift are also very comfortable to wear. They were extremely soft and light weighted and were known to be the most comfortable sweaters ever made. The wool felt very good against the skin, making it perfect for fishing or hiking. Today these sweaters are still with the same care as they were first made – so you can enjoy them for years to come!


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