Top beautiful places to visit in winter in USA

As happens elsewhere in the world as temperatures drop, the idea of enjoying a vacation but in a hot climate destination increases, something that also happens beautiful place in the United States that offers tourists a wide variety of beach landscapes or deserts with temperate climates that increase their attractiveness and attract thousands of travelers. If you have decided to visit the United States during these winter holidays and it is in your plans to enjoy a destination with warmer temperatures, from Punto Fame we share several options that may be interesting to make a better choice.

Beautiful Place

The world has so many beautiful places. Today we are talking about some beautiful place which belongs from the USA. I hope you can enjoy this article and make sure you are going on a long trip during this winter vacation.


San Diego, California beautiful place

It is one of the best destinations in Southern California and where you can enjoy many activities visiting places like the Sea World San Diego theme park that offers the possibility of getting closer to marine life, or the San Diego Zoo, located inside Balboa Park and It offers not only a huge botanical collection but also several animal exhibits highlighting the pandas. Do not forget to visit Balboa Park, a great cultural and entertainment complex that includes museums, art centers, restaurants, and beautiful gardens. The beach is an excellent option to enjoy in San Diego, so be sure to make a stop at La Jolla Cove , a space that offers beaches for swimming but also for surfing and thanks to its clear waters is the ideal place if You are a lover of free diving to explore the varied underwater life of the place. If you travel with children you can also visit Legoland and have a fun day in this park that celebrates the Lego with more than five thousand models armed with this famous game and also enjoy interactive activities, walks, and special shows.

Palm Springs, California beautiful place

A landscape that abounds in green color thanks to the trees and palm trees in Palm Springs you can also admire the desert by taking a ride on the funicular or discover the Spanish-style architecture of many buildings and visit also interesting museums. Located less than 200 kilometers east of Los Angeles, Palm Springs is a great destination to enjoy a winter vacation thanks to its warm, dry and sunny climate in addition to beautiful and well-maintained golf courses. If you decide to make the trip using the cable car that is in the Chinese Canyon, you can visit the San Jacinto Park State Park, with its beautiful place and gigantic forests and several paths for hiking. In the past Palm Springs was the weekend refuge of many famous Hollywood stars and many of them built their mansions in the desert surrounding the city, there is also a small airport with daily flights to different destinations in the United States. Among the main attractions of Palm Springs, you can choose to play golf in one of the magnificent courses, in addition to enjoying the swimming pools or tennis courts that abound in the city as there are many shopping centers and a variety of restaurants.

Molokai, Hawaii

The best time of the year to visit the island of Molokai, Hawaii is during the winter, known as the “Friendly Island” this wonderful tourist destination is about 40 kilometers southeast of the coast of the island of O’ahu and you can reach her by plane or boat. Enjoy the full nature beautiful place in Molokai and discover the Kalaupapa National Historical Park. Located on the north coast of the island overlooking the Pacific Oceans and enjoying its warm waters in addition to exploring the picturesque fishing port of Kaunakakai and the imposing Halawa Valley.

The Virgin Islands of the United States beautiful place

The Virgin Islands has everything for you to enjoy your vacation. Here you can rest on the beach, discover a vibrant urban center and also navigate by boat and all at warm temperatures in a place located just three hours by plane from Miami, Florida beautiful place. A true tropical paradise, the Virgin Islands is a Caribbean tourist destination made up of the islands of St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix that offer different leisure alternatives, from shopping to eating outdoors, exploring beautiful beaches or Get to know the Virgin Islands National Park in St. John and also admire the Dutch architecture of St. Croix. Beaches, desert cities with glamor, you can choose between different alternatives to spend the best winter vacation in the United States, start planning your trip, you will not regret it.