March 24, 2023

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What can I use an extension for?

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It might seem hard to believe but the need to move home is dropping. It may not spell too good news for the housing market but as the price of a new home rises many people are put off moving altogether. For some it seems that the path of least resistance and the need to not have to mess about with mortgage applications and solicitors fees is to simply get an extension fitted on to the house instead. When it comes to a nice Oak Frame Extensions version, like those from, then it can only add value to the property anyway for when you do come to sell it.

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If you are thinking about getting an extension you probably have a good idea why you need one. For the most part  it’s all about an increase in the amount of space that you get to play with. As anyone will testify, as the family grows so do the amounts of In-Laws and Grandparents too. Fitting them all in at Christmas can be quite a struggle so the extension could answer that problem with a bigger family or dining room.

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One other use is perhaps something for you. Do you have a large collection of CD’s, books and DVDs? This gives you the option of turning a part of your home into somewhere you can keep all of them and either finally read them, listen to them or watch them all. You deserve it!

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