March 23, 2023

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What is marketing

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Anyone who runs their own business will be aware of the importance of marketing. A Marketing Strategy Consultant helps businesses to develop a long term strategy relating to how they market to their current and potential customers and with what goal in mind.

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Marketing itself is a very broad concept and it does overlap with the process of advertising and sales. It is the way in which you get people interested in the products or services that your company sells. In order to do this it is important that a company does some market research into who the target market is, the demographic of their existing clients as well as gathering information on competitors with their business market. An analysis of this is then undertaken and a marketing strategy is developed.

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This strategy will be worked over time and will have a range of items included that will all work towards the same marketing goal. A strategy will have a degree of flexibility included so that any goals achieved early can be added to and any processes that are not working can be analysed and tweaked as necessary. At the end of the reporting period an assessment of how the strategy is going will be undertaken and then changes might be made for the next time period.

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