March 23, 2023

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Who is the Foods Standards Agency?

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The Food Standards Agency is basically a non-ministerial government department of the United Kingdom. It’s responsible for protecting public health in terms of food consumption. It’s also responsible for implementing food safety legislation across the board in England, Wales and Northern Ireland relating to food. It’s headed by a powerful board appointed with the express purpose of carrying out regulations in the public’s interest. This board has a wide range of responsibilities which include the regulation of important aspects relating to the production, handling, preparation and marketing of food and other food products including cosmetics, meat and fish and foods destined for consumption.

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It’s an organization that was set up as a result of the Act of Parliament called the Food Safety Act 1990. This was brought about in response to the growing problem of foodborne illnesses in the UK. The primary aim of this act was to promote good quality public health by preventing food contamination. In addition, it made it much easier to identify where there were failures in the regulation of foods and their respective labelling, packaging and sales. Find out more about the BRC Audit for your business at MQM Consulting

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This is an agency whose main concerns are for the protection of public health. This includes foods produced within the jurisdiction of the UK. Its powers include the regulation of food production, handling, storage and advertising and promotion of those foods. It also takes into account any moves by local authorities or their inhabitants to restrict or modify the availability of foods within their jurisdiction.


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