March 23, 2023

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Why Were Wigs Created?

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Many of us think of wigs in terms of how they are made today, such as the celebrities  who don’t wear their own hair in popular TV shows and movies. For example the entire cast of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy wore wigs with the exception of director Peter Jackson’s 2 year old daughter who played a hobbit toddler. Ancient people wore their hair differently than how we do it today. In fact, some tribes believed that it was good luck to wear a wig or a cap if they wished to find favor with the gods of the land. They would not only wear them but also use them as decorations for the hair that they did have like extensions.

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How were wigs created through the use of natural fibers? During the time of the ancient Egyptian empire, people would gather natural materials and use them to make wigs. They would use animal hairs such as camel hair, goat hair, and even human hair when it was discarded. The Egyptians would then decorate their caps using gems and different types of precious stones to make it look more fashionable.

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How were wigs created during the time of the Romans? The Romans believed that the cap was a sign of luxury. Therefore, they decorated their caps with expensive gemstones to make it look more expensive. The Venetians also believed that the wigs made during this time period were made using the hair of animals like dogs and cats. This followed through in Regency Europe where the grander the wig the greater the Aristocrat. Modern techniques to cover hair loss Scalp Micropigmentation London based centre His Hair Clinic provide are becoming the new version of this.


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