Accessories for your WAV

When shopping for your new wheelchair accessible vehicle, make sure you have all the useful accessories you need to make your journeys as comfortable as possible. When you need information about WAV Vehicles, try visiting a site like Here are some of the accessories you might need:

Lockable blue badge holder – Worried about theft of your blue badge from your vehicle? Consider investing in a lockable holder made from heavy duty metal that cannot be stolen. They also come with a handy timer attached so you can easily display the time you arrived.

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Car handle – When getting in and out of a vehicle, balance can prove tricky. To gain more confidence and independence and not have to rely on friends or family to assist, a car handle that attaches to the vehicle offers a safe, firm grip for you to manoeuvre confidently in and out of your vehicle. This clever device can also act as a hammer in an emergency situation to break glass and some designs feature a built in seatbelt cutter.

Sticker – A small but important addition is that of a sticker to politely ask other road users not to park too close to you. When vehicles park too close, it can make getting your wheelchair or scooter into your vehicle impossible. A sticker that alerts drivers to your accessibility needs is a must for drivers of wheelchair accessible vehicles.

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Cushion transfer – Swivelling to get in and out can be difficult, so consider making life easier with a cushion transfer seat which rotates for the user to avoid putting painful pressure on joints and ligaments.