How to Decorate and Make the Most of a Smaller Sized Living Room

If you have a living room that is on the smaller side and you are in need of ideas for decorating it and making the most of the space, then here are some of the ways that you can make a smaller living room work well for you…

Embrace the Size – Although the room is smaller in size, bigger isn’t always better. Embracing the fact that you have a smaller room means that you can use the size to create a cosy space that is perfect for the winter. Smaller rooms are easier to heat too, costing you less in heating bills!

Use lots of lamps and soft lighting to make the room feel cosy, as well as sumptuous cushions and throws that make it a room that just invites you to relax and get comfortable in.

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Think About the Walls – The walls are not only something to consider when you are choosing the décor, but they are also handy for creating storage space in the room. Making your space work for you is important, and storage is often something that people struggle with in a smaller room. However, the walls can be a great way to add storage, from shelving to bespoke wall units made to fit the room and your needs perfectly.

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The colour is also something to think about, and just because the room is smaller doesn’t mean that you need to avoid darker colours – in fact, these can make the room cosier, and using darker colours or patterns on one wall can add interest to the room.

Furniture Considerations – Choosing furniture for a smaller room requires more thought as you need the furniture to be suitable for your space. Whether you like a modern sleek look or prefer a vintage sofa for a timeless and elegant style, doing plenty of measuring before you begin will help you to get furniture that fits well into the space.

Take care not to try and cram too much in as this can make the room feel very small and cluttered, and also makes it much harder to clean when you have lots of furniture to go around!