March 23, 2023

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What Boilers Are Used For Heating Your Home or Office?

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Boilers are primarily used to supply hot water for domestic purposes; however they can also be used for outdoor cooking and pumping out boiling water for tea, etc. Apart from their traditional cooking and pumping functions, today they are also used to provide warmth inside homes during cold winters. A number of models of boilers are available in the market, which are meant to be used for heating your home. Some boilers even offer space for storage of clothes, etc, which makes them a versatile item.

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The boilers, which are meant to be used for heating your home or office to have direct contact with the furnace which circulates warm air in the room through convection. This means that unlike furnaces, the heat produced by boilers does not escape out into the surroundings. Thus, boilers cut down significantly on cold spots and chilly winds in the house, especially if coupled with an in-floor heating system.

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Heat typically is supplied in three ways – direct heat via the furnaces, which is generally the most economical way of providing heat; latent heat generated through conduction from the building materials and furniture and circulating heated water within the building. Natural gas is used as a medium for transportation of heat; however it can also be used in furnaces as well as boilers. In case of boilers, natural gas can be used as an alternate fuel source. Boilers are also the most commonly used in rural areas as they are simple to run, cheap to maintain and safe to use. The type of boiler you use will depend very much on the size of the building you have and a Tewkesbury Boilers company such as Combi Man can help you out with this.


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