How to Have a More Environmentally Friendly Workplace

When it comes to recycling, it is really something that we all need to be taking seriously if we are to prevent a climate catastrophe. This doesn’t just mean recycling at home either, we also need to make sure that we are recycling at work too. Many workplaces are now starting to get to grips with recycling, as green credentials become something that more and more potential customers look for in a business.

Changing habits in the workplace can be hard but there are some easy ways to start workplace recycling…

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Think about what you are printing out. Offices are known for being places that are full of paper, but many workplaces are now going paperless which benefits the environment as well as saving money on purchasing paper. So, before you print have a think – do you really need to?

If you are unsure where to start with recycling, get in touch with a commercial recycling company such as Printwaste who will be able to help you and advise you on what you could be recycling in your workplace.

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Food and drink at work are often chosen for speed and convenience, which has led to many workplaces using a lot of plastic cups and packaging for food. Try to start an environmental awareness campaign around the food and suggest alternative to using disposable packaging – this is also another great way to save money as well as the environment!