Rats in the Home

Rats are one of the most successful animals on the planet. They have made their homes all over the world and seem to be able to live almost anywhere. Of course, the places that many of us associate with rats are rubbish dumps, and it is likely that if you work in a job like this drain lining company www.wilkinson-env.co.uk/sewer-repairs-drain-lining-concrete-cutting/drain-lining/ it is more than likely that you have seen your fair share of rats hopping in and out of the sewers. But these remarkably adaptable animals are also found in many other places, and the reason that they are able to thrive is because they have learned how to make the most of humans.

Of course, to some people rats are cute and cuddly little creatures, and make fantastic pets. Highly sociable and intelligent, many people own and train rats and rate them highly as pets. But this intelligence is also what makes many other people see them as pests.

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Rats living in and around your home can sometimes make you feel very uneasy, but there are practical reasons for why it is something that really should be dealt with if you think that you have rats in your home.

Firstly, rats are known to carry diseases – we only have to look back through history and to the bubonic plague to see the devastating effects of diseases that can be carried by rats. Although this is not anything to worry about nowadays, it is possible to contract other illnesses from living in a home with a rat infestation. Illnesses such as hantavirus are passed on to humans through the faeces and urine left by rats around the home.

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As well as the diseases that rats can carry, there is also the damage that they can cause. Rats are notorious for chewing and biting, and they do this to make nests and passageways. Their strong teeth can chew through many materials, so inside the home this can lead to all sorts of problems, some expensive to repair and some very dangerous. They can chew through gas and water pipes, electrical wires, flooring, and insulation to name but a few things, so when you think you have a rat infestation it is very important to check things like this to ensure that no dangerous damage has been caused.

Rats are something that we have to accept and live with – and they certainly have some great qualities! But if you do have them in your home, you may need professional help when it comes to getting them out, as they breed frequently and quickly so you can quickly end up overrun with rats! This doesn’t have to be done by killing them either – there are humane traps that can be used so that they can be caught and removed elsewhere, so you don’t have to worry about them.