Common Causes of Garage Door Damage

A regular inspection should include the springs, hinges, and tracks if they are not functioning properly. It is possible that the garage door’s photo eyes are not functioning properly. The photo eyes are the sensors that detect objects and people in its path and prevent it from closing. If they malfunction, the door may not open and close properly or get stuck. This could be a result of a faulty photo eye, or maybe they have been knocked from their position by vehicle movement. Check these safety features every few months.

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If the springs are corroded or damaged, replace them. You should also replace any broken remote controls or cables. Garage doors often require professional repair to avoid injuries. Broken springs and cables can be dangerous to inspect, so only someone with a strong background in garage doors should perform this work. Damaged cables are equally dangerous to inspect as snapped springs.

Other common causes of garage door damage are weather-related or mechanical problems. Don’t ignore these issues because you could end up worsening the problem and risk a full-blown breakdown. Investing in professional repairs for garage doors is much more affordable than a costly emergency call. If you’re concerned about the safety of your family and your belongings, contact a qualified garage door repair service as soon as possible. Find out more about Garage Doors Bristol at Up and Over Doors Ltd

Another common cause of garage door damage from vehicles or children playing. Children often play outside the garage, so footballs or other sports equipment can break any glass panels and result in broken garage door glass as well as dents, holes and scratches. Not only can this be dangerous, but it can also lead to increased security issues and invite unwanted guests.

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Garage door hinges and cables should be lubricated regularly. Although they rarely break, they do wear and tear and can make the door noisy. If you notice excessive noise, consider replacing worn or loose hinges. Noise also means that other parts of the garage door are wearing down as well. If you notice excessive noise from your garage door, it’s time to have it checked by a professional. If the noise continues, the problem is likely something else, and should be fixed as soon as possible.

Other common causes of garage door damage include broken rollers and worn tracks. These parts are essential to ensure the smooth operation of the garage door. If these parts are damaged, it can cause the door to be inoperable and to cause further problems. A faulty roller may also lead to complete mechanical failure. In