What is an internal cyber attack?

Cyber security is incredibly important in today’s society, as is ensuring your Cyber Liability Insurance is up to date. If you do not have cover in place you can start by looking at JMP Cyber Insurance cover. There are two distinct types of cyber attacks, those that occur external to your company and those internally.

Internal cyber attacks relate to someone within your business either deliberately or accidentally causing cyber issues to appear. These can occur as a result of any of the following.

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  • Theft and Sabotage – employees are given access to employee data in order for them to be able to complete their job. In some circumstances, unhappy employees or former employees can exploit their access rights to either damage or steal data that you hold.
  • Unauthorised access – this can occur when employees access parts of the computer systems that they do not have the authority to be viewing. This can be done on an accidental basis as well as for malicious reasons.

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  • Weak security – if you have weak cyber security you can leave your business open to cyber threats. This can lead to your systems being compromised as well as sensitive data being stolen and misused.
  • Loss of data – there have been many reports of people leaving USB drives or laptops that contain sensitive data on trains and planes and this is another instance of where a cyber threat to your business can occur accidentally.