Great reasons to consider a marquee for your next party

No matter the occasion, a marquee can add style and function to your celebration, providing shelter from the elements or a more intimate area for guests to chat and relax in. The versatility of marquees is part of why they are so popular at events, and we’ve put together some of their best features in this article.

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Can be Tailored to your Event

In terms of creativity, the sky’s the limit with marquees, providing you with a clean slate from which you can build up any celebration or theme. You can tweak your designs to match the event, from the formal elegance of a wedding reception to the culturally enriched artistry of a country or location-based party. Anyone short on inspiration can find some advice here: .

Versatile Arrangements

Themed marquees aren’t the only route you can take. Furniture and divisions of the marquee are equally customisable, giving you free rein to allocate the space to your event’s needs. These can be seating areas to relax and escape the party, or the dancefloors themselves.

Your Own Schedule

When you’re not dependent on a venue to keep your party alive, the bar can stay open all night – provided you can find the staff to serve! When hiring a marquee, services are typically spaced out to accommodate your needs. You can find advice or services for marquee hire Gloucester online, such as here:

Food and Drink

Speaking of staff, you can select specialists, such as mixologists for personalised cocktail menus, or culinary experts to provide favourite dishes and cater to fussy eaters. You could even get fast food delivered if you really wanted.

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Year-Round Services

Similar to the day-to-day scheduling, there are no limits for the time of year you want to hire. Marquees can withstand blisteringly cold winds or provide some much-needed shade in the summer months.


Marquee hire services are usually understanding of changes in circumstance – from guest lists growing or shrinking, to location changes – and will arrange a deal appropriate to your budgeting needs. Just let them know in advance!