10 tips for gentlemen how to impress your girlfriend

Article couple today, we will talk about sustainable seduction! In the context of gender relations, we have a concept called the “effective account”. Imagine a bank account with love and trust in it. As long as you feed him, the account fills up, and your girlfriend is more and more in love with you. Let’s talk about how to impress your girlfriend. We will see together how small attentions can inflate your emotional account and stay attractive every day! To live as a couple, having a girlfriend is not easy every day: it is sometimes difficult to give the best of oneself after a bad day’s work, or when you learn bad news. However, we’ve seen it again recently: as a couple, you should never take your girlfriend or wife for granted. Love is not decreed once and for all, it is like a flame that you must maintain. We decided to focus on the little touches to prove to your girlfriend that you love him: better than words, acts of love!

How to impress your girlfriend

Everyone in the world needs a company for their life.  But if they want to be a good couple they have to know to impress their partner. Men’s are impressed easily but in this subject, women’s are very sensitive. So men have to know how to impress your girlfriend. In this article, we are talking about impressing girlfriend.


1: The surprise appointment

She’s used to seeing you at home or at home every night at the same time? Break the routine is the secret of couples who last! The highlight of this little attention is to show him that you have taken the lead for at least 5 minutes today to find a nice bar where to invite him.  That will teach you how to impress your girlfriendYou think it’s nothing? A couple that lasts is a sum of little things that make the difference!


2: Cook for her, how to impress your girlfriend

I see you coming: “But when it’s me cooking, it’s as good as a Big Mac the day before.” Remember the advice of La Meuf Qui to make your girlfriend want: she must watch you, completely focused on something else than her! Inviting a woman to dinner, it remains one of the great classics of the courtship, the human adaptation of the animal kingdom! Come on, in the kitchen, and faster than that!


3: The house spa

Furious, tired, she often returns from her classes or physically exhausted work? This is how to empress your girlfriend. Help her relax by welcoming her with a little homemade spa that you will have prepared for her. On the program: a hot bath with music, candles, depending on your budget, champagne, and strawberries. The total, cliche of the lover, make him happy! What if you do not have a bathtub in your bathroom? Go to the neighbor’s house! Just be sure to finish with a sexy massage to make you want to start the night.


4: Flower delivery at work

Another great classic, the blow of the bouquet of flowers delivered to work. We are talking about how to impress your girlfriend. You have the possibility to attach a card with, do not sign it, to play the mystery man. You can even combine the delivery of flowers to the mystery appointment if you want to offer more than a little attention! If you want to be even more direct, do not hesitate to make him deliver lingerie. With a meeting in a hotel or a classic of erotic literature, the sexual tension goes up a notch.


5: Mystery treasure hunt, how to impress your girlfriend

Back home or at home, the goal of the treasure hunt is to lead it gently to your bed. It’s up to you to truffle the post-it apartment or notes that lead to the next clue. You knew now how to impress your girlfriend. You doubt the effectiveness of this little attention on a girl of 20 years or a woman of 30, 40 years? Trust us: we’ve seen depressive eyes come back to life faster than Johnny turns on the fire! The more childish, the more it implies a playful dimension, the more it works. Do not forget that we talk about seduction: stay light!


 6: The little-personalized attention

This is the most complicated to define, but also the most powerful, insofar as it this little attention is unique, personalized for your darling! You will invest time to find a little gift that really touches her:

  • A romantic weekend in a strong place for her, which she has dreamed for a long time.
  • A selection of articles on a subject that fascinates her (or a book, more expensive version)
  • An evening in his favorite restaurant
  • A meeting with someone she admires
  • A bottle of a wine she loves
  • An afternoon of shopping with her without moaning (no fucking way, just kidding.)
  • A declaration of handwritten love
  • A noodle necklace with a real jewel in it
  • A Skype with a member of her family that she rarely sees
  • His watch finally repaired after six months spent in a drawer
  • GO YOUR FINGERS! No matter the value in euros of your little attention, it is the intention which counts!


 7: The couple’s couple

Tired of having to celebrate the birthdays of your fixed date? Tired of having to block this date when there is better to do? Surprise your girlfriend by preparing the most beautiful invitation card for your couple’s birthday party. On a handkerchief in her hand, on a PowerPoint, she has been preparing for two months.  It’s almost an anniversary, almost, but not completely: play the card of surprise!


8: Replay your first meeting, how to impress your girlfriend


The hard part with this little attention: do not burst out laughing. Without warning, give him an appointment in the cafe or restaurant of your first appointment (or the one that counted at the beginning of your relationship). Once sitting next to her, play the stranger, as if you met her as if you were meeting her for the first time. Do not forget the power of role-playing in seduction: you can even invent a life if you wish. This an effective plan that teaches you how to impress your girlfriend. She will play the game almost every time, happy to see that her man still wants to flirt!


9: Sexy playlist to heat it remotely

“Music softens manners” Booba. Or a guy like that. There’s nothing like getting into your friend’s head and ears with a good playlist of Deezer, Spotify or Soundcloud. It supposes having already spent some time with her to know her tastes, and why not search her CDs to see what she listened to. That how to impress your girlfriend. To succeed your emotional lift, do not forget to slip an old MN8, 2BE3 or B2K in the middle of the playlist, it will take you for a crazy and will love you more.


10: A surprise party with her friends

Do you tend to spend too much time with her? Why not give him an appointment and do not come! but send her friends to your place to surprise her? Of course, the girlfriends are in the game. Theater, bar, restaurant, plan the program with the girlfriends of your darling. Another trick to know how to impress your girlfriend And take the opportunity to go bored with your friends in front of a football match or a Fifa tournament. Bros before hoes, we do not forget his friends once in a relationship.