How to make an interesting artificial Christmas tree in your home

The lights, the ornaments, the gifts, the memories surely we are talking about the artificial Christmas tree! There are few objects that represent the end of the year parties as well as this piece of nature that we dress in a corner of our room. This Christmas dare to try different ornaments and inspire others with your creativity. Play with the lighting and learn to keep the tree green and fresh for longer.

  Artificial Christmas tree

Christma is just knocking at the door. Everyone is busy to decorate their home and different types of plan.  Here we are giving some plans to make an artificial Christmas tree. Christmas tree is the main attraction for the Christmas.  SO you will be happy with our suggestion.

  1. Choose a theme

If you are like me and, I dare say, like many, you have been collecting Christmas decorations hanging on the tree annually for years. However, if you want to give a different – but intimate – touch to your tree this artificial Christmas tree, choose a theme or color and decorate it around that idea. For example:

Family tree: if you want to play with the concept of family, try decorating with ornaments that are shaped like small frames (you can find them in your local store), put on them the photo of each family member. Start by putting pictures of the little ones on the top of the tree and, as you go down, distribute the photos of the older ones. Use a string of lights to link all the photos and then you will see “your family tree” shine. Complete the tree with the ornaments that you like more, placing them intercalary.

Tree of your earth: Most Latinos carry our earth in their hearts, and Christmas is the perfect time to remember and celebrate. To decorate the tree with the colors of your land use ribbons, ribbons, and garlands, combining them with small ornaments and memories that you have of your country.

  1. It incorporates handmade ornaments, artificial Christmas tree

This is the best way to personalize the Christmas tree without spending a lot of money. I advise you to use glass balls (or clear glass ornaments) because that way you can put inside small details of your taste and preference. Try, for example, to fill them with twigs of pine or blueberries, artificial snow or small strips that cut out old Christmas cards. To decorate the exterior of these, create a design that you like using a craft glue and cover them with colored glitter. If you are skilled at sewing, you only need a few stitches by hand to sew a felt silhouette with Christmas motifs, such as a poinsettia, a snowman or a deer. Also, it is very easy to paint white the pine cones, for which you can use a spray of snow. Then, tie them to the tree with a ribbon or a golden cord.

  1. Illuminate the tree

The amount of lights you need to light up your Christmas tree depends on the brightness you want to achieve. To give a touch of a professional decorator, calculate using 100 miniluces for each foot (30 cm) of tree height. According to experts, the best trick to properly illuminate the Christmas tree wedding #dress #weddingdress #elegance #fashion is by visually dividing it into three vertical sections. Light each section separately, starting from the bottom up instead of rolling the lights around the tree. Take care to turn on the lights before putting them on the tree to make sure they work and to quickly identify areas that are darker. (Although the miniluces are cheaper, the LED lights will save you money in the electricity bill.) In any case, look for the UL-rated ones (UL rated, in English), which indicate that they have been tested and do not contain lead.

  1. Keep the tree cool, artificial Christmas tree

Start by buying a green and fresh tree, if you transport it to your home on top of a car, protect it from the wind with a plastic cover. To keep the tree cool and green, cut an inch (2.5 cm) more or less from the base; this will favor the absorption of water. Then, put the tree in a stand that has the capacity to store at least one gallon (3.8 liters) of water and check that you have enough fresh water each day. Although some people put sugar, a few aspirins or a few drops of bleach in the water, most experts say that all the tree needs are fresh water. To avoid drying out too soon, be careful to keep it away from a window where the sun enters directly or from a heat source such as hot air vents, chimney or heating.

  1. Decorate with mini-trees

If you do not want a large tree or simply do not have the space to put it , a mini tree can be the ideal option to keep the spirit of Christmas in any room of your home. Simply tie several branches of evergreens using a thin wire of crafts and attach them to a block of florist’s foam (you can find them in craft stores). Put the arrangement inside a vase painted a characteristic color of Christmas and decorate the branches with miniature ornaments, colorful bows and, of course, a string of lights! Another interesting alternative is that you buy a small rosemary tree for its shape very similar to that of a, it will also give you the unmistakable flavor and aroma of rosemary. Add to this a good selection of Christmas carols and sweets. Let the party begin with the family gathered around a tree decorated with love!