Four Incredible Benefits Cloud-Based POS Software

Whether you’re new to the idea or have been considering it for months, switching from traditional sales technology to highly intuitive point-of-sale (POS) software is one of the smartest moves a small business can make. Learn what exactly cloud-based POS software is, take a look at some of the reasons your competitors have adopted it and see our picks for the top systems, courtesy of the best no deposit bonus casinos USA.

Cloud-based POS software is similar to saving and storing a digital file in your iCloud or Google Drive account. You can access your documents from any device as long as you’re logged in to the account linked to the cloud’s server. However, a traditional POS system functions similarly to saving a digital file on a specific device, such as a Word document on your computer; you can access your Word document only on your computer unless you save a copy of the file to another device.

Cloud-hosted POS systems offer a number of benefits you won’t get with traditional POS software. Here are some of them from


Many small businesses struggle with unrecorded sales and inaccurate inventory. Your staff ends up spending more time trying to reconcile these mistakes than helping customers and closing new sales, which inhibits business growth and profit. A cloud-based POS system can fix this. Traditional cash registers rely too much on human input. Especially at busy times, mistakes are bound to happen. POS systems take the guesswork out of making sales and allow your company to achieve an otherwise unattainable level of accuracy. Furthermore, because the data is hosted in the cloud, it will be accurate and up to date no matter which device you’re using to enter and view it.


A high-quality POS system does more than scan items quickly. It also gives your business the data it needs to grow and maximize profits. All purchases are tracked and recorded, which means any customer’s past purchases are available for viewing, including those made both in person and online. Businesses can track their successful products and services and create targeted marketing based on demographics, individual customer buying habits and more. When discussing these insights with stakeholders, meetings can be held anywhere since all the data is accessible remotely with cloud-hosted POS systems.

Remote control

Cloud-based POS systems can be controlled on your mobile device and through the cloud. You don’t have to be present in your store to know what’s happening when you have a good cloud-hosted POS system in place. If you’re looking to scale your business to multiple locations or are concerned about how one site is performing when you aren’t physically there, a solid POS system with cloud hosting and a comprehensive reporting feature can do some of your work for you. Some of the most helpful tasks a cloud-based POS system can perform are handling employee management, generating store sale comparison reports and conducting product inventory analysis, allowing you to manage multiple locations from afar.


Due to human error and other factors, a product may end up costing more at one store location than at another. POS systems eliminate this problem, thus guaranteeing improved customer care and a company reputation for integrity. Maintaining consistent pricing is a professional function, and a POS system is the best way to achieve it. With cloud-hosted POS systems, you can check whether pricing is consistent across stores without needing to travel to other locations.