5 Best Cars for Seniors in 2022

If you’re leaning toward the greater ruggedness, height, and space of a sport utility vehicle,

check out these top picks for seniors from real money online casinos in Australia:


The Honda Jazz is one of the most popular senior cars, with Honda itself revealing that 61 is the average age of Jazz owners. This hatchback model is regarded as one of the most comfortable cars for seniors, thanks to its high seats, which make it easy to get in and out of. The Honda Jazz also has a surprisingly spacious interior for a small car, and there’s plenty of room for adjustments in both the steering wheel and seats. There’s also a roomy boot, and you can even fold the bases of the rear seats up, and their backs down to create extra space in the back. This makes the Jazz a great option if you need to fit the grandkids in the back or want to take friends for a weekend away – it’s an ideal little runaround that will help to keep you out and about, and living your life to the full, in later life, courtesy of online casinos in America.


Next on our list of the best and most comfortable cars for seniors is the Kia Soul, which has lots of interior space, lumbar support on all seats, and wide doors and windows for accessibility and visibility. It also has a high driver’s seating position, making it an easy car to get in and out of. The Soul is a relatively fuel-efficient model, which keeps its running costs low, and there are multiple add-ons available from the dealer to provide you with extra reassurance while you’re on the road, such as:

Auto-emergency braking
Blind spot warnings
Forward collision warnings
Lane-keeping assistance
The Kia Forte is another good model from Kia for seniors, thanks to a large boot, supportive seats, and the same assisted features as the Soul, although the Forte is slightly smaller in size.


If you’re looking for a small-sized runaround that allows you to stay independent as you get older, the Toyota Yaris is a perfect option. If you’re after a used car, all Yaris models are great, but the newest model is slightly bigger and is said to be even easier to drive. The Toyota Yaris is available with a hybrid engine, so it’s a good option if you’re worried about the impact your driving is having on the planet. In fact, the Yaris won Affordable Hybrid Car of The Year in the Auto Express New Car Awards 2020.


If you’re looking for a slightly more luxurious model, perhaps as a retirement gift to yourself, or simply because you no longer need a practical family car, the Lexus UX makes a great luxury car for seniors. The Lexus UX is wonderfully comfortable for both driver and passenger, thanks to an interior that feels incredibly luxurious. The high driving position makes it easy to climb into, while light controls make the driving experience comfortable. There’s a 320-litre boot, with storage space increasing significantly when the back seats are down, so the UX can still be a practical model. This model also comes with a hybrid engine, which means it has good fuel economy, helping you to do your bit to help the environment.


The Volkswagen Polo has been around for a while, but it remains one of the most durable hatchback models on the market. The Polo makes a great car for older drivers, thanks to:

A good-sized boot – there should be enough room to fit in a wheelchair
Plenty of legroom
Compact size, which makes it easy to park
Large rear windscreen also helps to make parking easier
Comfortable seats
Light steering
Volkswagen offers the option for driver assistance technology like cruise control and power-assisted steering, which can help to make driving more comfortable