The best Christmas gift ideas for kids in 2018

Like every year, when Christmas approaches, doubts arise about giving away the children and the questions of grandparents, uncles, and others about the same issue, so that something nice like making a gift to a child becomes, sometimes, in a dilemma and an ordeal. Faced with this situation, the most important thing to keep in mind is the stage of development in which the child finds itself since a gift that does not adapt to the Christmas gift ideas for kids age can go unnoticed by him and not cause the desired illusion and emotion.

The best Christmas gift ideas for kids during to your child’s age

In the early years of children’s lives, the stimulation of the senses, skills, and creativity is what most attracts the attention of parents. ideas for kids. Christmas gift ideas for kids is an At these ages, the children themselves will demand toys that motivate them, that teach them and make them move. Thinking about it, follow some gift ideas for children, depending on their age.

Christmas gift ideas for kids from 0 to 12 months


At this early age, it is best to give away toys that stimulate the baby’s senses. Different textures, sounds, and colors that invite the child to explore the world around them, such as gaming mats, rubber dolls with sound, teethers, etc. There are many things you need and toys to stimulate babies, but remember that the best gift you can give your baby is yourself, your time, your attention. Christmas gift ideas for kids. Babies will love playing with you. At this stage, it is advisable to play with rattles, activity blankets (when they begin to sit), with musical lamps, and everything that can awaken your sense of smell, touch, and stimulate vision through colors. There are very complete gyms that contain all these elements.

Christmas gift ideas for kids  from 1 to 2 years old

At this age, babies want to interact. If you are already walking, the ride-on can be a great idea, as well as swinging toys such as horses with a wooden chair. They also like dolls and interactive books, as well as simple musical instruments such as the xylophone. Here are the plan Christmas gift ideas forki9ds. Stacking, mounting and fitting towers are also highly recommended for babies of these ages.

Christmas gifts ideas for kids from 2 to 3 years old

Children in this stage already begin to know their environment and have their coordination in full development, so it is advisable to give toys like blocks to make constructions, balls, musical instruments or finger paints. Christmas gift ideas for kids. You will also like the games to knead like sand with water, plasticine, as well as cooking games, tricycles and bicycles with rollers. Books with many illustrations may also interest them.

Christmas gifts for children between 3 and 5 years

In this stage, children are in full development of their imagination and fantasy, as well as start to distinguish their role or gender, so it would be advisable to give toys that make them feel like princesses or superheroes. Christmas gift ideas for kids. Cookies, cars with radio control, magnetic boards or interactive stories will delight the little ones. Children will love costumes, puppets, and theaters, construction games, and crafts.

Christmas gifts ideas for kids over 5 years

At age 5 many children already have their preferences regarding gifts. They like to dress up, to build castles and houses, games with control, crafts, and everything that makes them run, jump, share. They like drawing, painting, tracks and circuits of cars and trains, bicycles, skates and scooters, and interactive dolls.

Christmas gifts for children between 6 and 11 years

Children are in a period of the full development of cognitive, affective and social skills and abilities, and begin to understand how the world around them works. It is also a stage in which children usually play with other children and girls with other girls. this one is the best Christmas gift ideas for kids. The games, games that allow them to do experiments, and games containing accessories such as a face and clothes, or a collection of toy cars are good gifts for children in this age group.

Christmas gifts for children over 11 years

Children are at a stage where they are no longer as children and like to do activities that make them feel older. Your favorite music, a good book or video game suitable for your age will be the perfect gift.