Top fashion trends for men’s winter fashion

I know no one wants to hear it, but summer is coming to an end soon (I already hear the complaints). It’s time to think about the transition from the closet to an autumn wardrobe. For fashionistas, the end of summer is not so sad, because it means that the season of layering begins. This allows everyone to change their pace and allows us to play more with fashion. By remembering, fashion trends for men that will mark the autumn-winter 2018, you will not only be aware of the current fashion but will also be more focused before making your next purchases.

Fashion trends for men

Since the last season, there have been changes to the styles and colors of the clothes. The classic sober colors that are usually found in men’s clothing in winter are left out this season. You will discover lighter shades, which turn to brown or chocolate. More warm and friendly, this color is reminiscent of honey, caramel or hazelnut. Its fragrance reassures and revives the color of clothes in autumn and winter. Instead of wearing the eternal black short coat, opt for a brown jacket over a whitish sweater ensemble and navy blue pants. Put your caramel set in value with a copper coat. Fashion trends for men. Combine the various variations of blue such as sky blue and navy blue with chocolate hues to make your outfit more attractive. Oil blue is also associated with chocolate to give an urban touch to your look. Discover the combinations of great designers such as Gucci, Valentino, and Lemaire. Hermès sublimates the blue sweater with dark chocolate pants. Gucci goes off the beaten track by combining brown with unexpected hues. He thus presents an association of daring colors. The pink color can change your look. The Valentino sweater and the pink Lemaire shirt are examples. The pink and orange can inject touches of romance and lightness to a set that has brown, brown or beige. Visit this content for modern russian clothing.

Face the rigors of winter with fashionable clothing

To look after your look during this winter, while being comfortably dressed, adopt the coats, down jackets and overcoats that give style to your silhouette. The priority is long and loose models, to wear with jeans and a pair of sneakers. Beige models that arrive at mid-thighs are trendy this season. here are the fashion trends for men. You can put them on a turtleneck, straight pants and a pair of Macfarlane 2 or Ravenfield Castoro. Otherwise, on Sunday mornings, you will put a coat on a cozy fleece set. These overcoats adapt to all situations and you can wear them on all occasions. Create your own style by venturing strange chromatic combinations. Marni combines lavender blue sweaters with large caramel colored pleated trousers. Lemaire puts yellow keys on the navy and khaki combo. Prada cheers up a gray look with yellow.

The combinations of styles to dare, Fashion trends for men

During this winter, put on coats and uppers with 7/8 pants that modernize the suits or jeans rolled over the ankles. Shirts with stripes brighten up the dullest sweaters. The mix of black and white stripes with prints is playful. Mix the blue with the black to avoid the total gothic look. Fashion trends for men. Pair your sweaters with slim suit trousers and dress shoes. The tiles will go well with a sweatshirt or a whimsical sweater. Put a sportswear coat on top of your suit: the contrast is striking. Adopt sportswear cuts a bit wide for your plaid coats. You can occasionally wear a beige coat on your jogging and be fashionable.


Tiles and stripes

The stripes will continue to be trendy, but for the coming seasons, it is rather the “pinstripe” that will be the star. Fashion trends for men. The tiles were on almost every collection, so it’s time to pull out the plaid shirt that you already have. To make a statement, you may need to invest in a plaid coat with a timeless pattern that you can always use, but it’s up to you.

The popularity of the 90s continues

This is not the end of the 9’90s We will continue to make the revival with sports brands, collaborations, dad sneakers, logos (which will appear rather in the vertical), baseball caps and also larger silhouettes.

Sweaters, fashion trends for men

sweaters with extravagant designs, cartoons, colorful and whimsical are the emphasis this fall and winter. So you can already search the thrift stores to find the rare piece.

Brown, fashion trends for men

The color, the moment will be brown as well as tones of beige, taupe and chocolate. The good news is that you probably already have a piece of this sink in your closet, so just take it out.

Western fashion trends for men

The western and the Americans are making their come back (is it thanks to the last album of Justin Timberlake or the American conservatism of Trump?). In any case, we go back a few years back where this fashion has already been the star, we update it and here’s something new. One can note the trend on new collections of Calvin Klein, for example. Another easy trend to find in thrift stores.

Coats in leather and / or sport, fashion trends for men

Finally, coats side, it is the leather models (short or long) that will be trendy. Coats and jackets are also found with fur collar and structured epaulettes. Jackets and sports coats, at the “I go to the mountains”, will also be fashionable, we only thought about North Face. That’s all you need to remember for a good start to the season. Fashion trends for men. Remember to search the thrift stores and also the closets of friends before going to the shops. The trends are hardly indications, the important thing is to play with all that and be always comfortable and true to yourself.