Activate Skin with Activated Charcoal Soap

Activates all the skin cells with the activated charcoal soap from natural ingredients with its fabulous qualities as a natural exfoliate, eliminates impurities and traces of dead skin of the body. Used for decades directly from its extraction of nature, now its presents it coupled with other ingredients one hundred percent organic thus giving the perfect mix that our skin needs to renew and activate.

After use it offers a deep and healthy cleaning, it also eliminates fat, for its excellent detoxifying properties for the body both outside and inside, makes it one of the favorites of the current cosmetology. Activate the skin with the use of activated charcoal soap if your skin type is oily or suffer from acne, this soap is perfect to purify and rid of bacteria.

In addition to deep cleaning, it has virtues that help to lighten or whiten the skin, which is why the use of activated charcoal soap apart from being used throughout the body can also be used on the delicate and delicate skin of the face.

But why activated charcoal is capable of activating the most extensive sense of the human body? Let’s see more.

Cosmetic Properties of Activated charcoal Soap

  • It is a substance of plant origin that by itself has the quality of absorbing chemicals, gases, heavy metals, proteins, wastes and toxins, as you see, it is fabulous to detoxify.
  • Its use dates from 155 BC, used for therapeutic purposes or as a natural remedy to cleanse the body of impurities.
  • It is absorbent, this property of adsorbing is because there is an electrical attraction of the toxins to the surfaces of the charcoal¬† particles. That is why its use is perfect to extract and eliminate blackheads and pimples on oily skin or with a tendency to acne.
  • But if you have normal or mixed skin, you can also use it, it is applied over the so-called T zone where it is activated to eliminate impurities.
  • Although it is not the intention in this blog, we cannot fail to mention that activated charcoal acts in the same way as in oral use by adsorbing impurities and toxins by adhering them.
  • It is important to note that the black spots and especially in the face, are the result of oxidation of excess fat manifested by the pores when in contact with the outside. It is precisely when the activated charcoal soap activates the skin, adsorbs the grease and all the dirt, leaving it clean and luminous.