Home remedies for hair growth and thickness for men

The most important thing for growth to be constant is having healthy hair, without split ends, as well as using appropriate and quality products. An economical and ecological way to get a long hair in a short time is through natural remedies. In this report we recommend 20 home remedies for hair growth and for a natural look:

Home remedies for hair growth

1. Coconut oil

The oil or cocoa butter is a fatty substance usually used in cosmetics such as soap. Applied to the hair, the coconut oil softens intensely and can be used perfectly as a conditioner without rinsing, locally at the tips, avoiding the scalp. Thanks to this product you avoid the loss of hair proteins, you will have a much healthier hair and, in this way, it will grow quickly.

2. Olive oil, for hair growth

The properties of olive oil are innumerable, in the case at hand, we will talk about its ability to block the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This secretion is the main culprit in most cases of male baldness since it reduces the size of the hair follicle. Thanks to the blockade perpetrated by olive oil, the hair will not fall off. In addition, it is rich in vitamin E, has antioxidant action and prevents cell aging, as well as the formation of cancer cells.

3. Nettle

Make an infusion of nettle and apply to massage is one of the best options. This remedy will be allowed to work throughout the night and will be eliminated the next day by washing normally. After 15 days you will begin to notice evident changes in the growth and quality of your hair.

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4. Lavender oil

The lavender or Lavandula is an ornamental plant which essences are extracted and characterized by its application in medicine and as a food seasoning. Our hair will benefit from the application of lavender oil daily for a few months slowing down its fall. You will notice an intense growth and much healthier hair.

5. Castor oil, for hair growth

Although castor beans are very toxic and are applied in the manufacture of varnishes, paints, lubricants or brake fluids. Conditions that a priori would make us distrust. Once destroyed, ricin is one of the most effective purgatives and its ricinoleic acid content protects the hair and scalp from infections. In addition, moisturizes and nourishes getting our hair look bright, strong and thick.

6. Onion, for hair growth

The onion, especially the red one, is an essential food in our diets given its countless properties: It fights rheumatism, the gout disease, the infections, the osteoporosis. It is also a home remedies for hair growth. We will add pieces of onion to the shampoo leaving to rest during after about two weeks, after this period we will extract the onion so that its unpleasant odor will not be impregnated.

7. Jojoba

The jojoba produces a liquid wax whose properties unique multiple industries benefit. Applying this oil will seal the hair follicle avoiding the leakage of moisture, a feature that differentiates it from the rest of the products that we offer which act to penetrate the hair.

8. Almond oil

This treatment does not promote growth but it will improve the appearance and quality of the hair. And we know that the main condition for the hair to develop is to take care of yourself and be healthy. Almond oil is a home remedies for hair growth. The almond oil provides hydration, protection, on the other hand, removes dead cells from the skin and aliva inflammations. You will notice that the hair breaks much less affecting the volume and quantity.

9. Aloe vera and honey

Extracting the pulp of the aloe vera plant and mixing it with honey will achieve a rapid and striking growth. To achieve a greater effect, the union should be allowed to act for approximately 20 minutes and, subsequently, proceed to clear normally.

10. Rosemary oil, home remedies for hair growth

Those who opt for this solution against hair loss and strengthening, in addition, will delay the appearance of gray hair. Another of the qualities that make this a very advisable alternative is its action against dandruff, one of the most expensive problems to remedy and that most concern us.

11. Carrot

We recommend eating carrots at least once a day as it is one of the foods that will benefit us the most in many ways. Carrot is home remedies for hair growth. We direct our attention to its vitalizing, vitaminizing and mineralizing capacity. A real discovery for our hair!

12. Fish oil

Although its positive effects on hair are not scientifically proven, the use of fish oil continues to be defended at the popular level. Its consumption in the form of a capsule will improve the appearance of both your hair and your skin.

13. Egg, olive oil, and honey

We recommend applying an egg mixture, a drizzle of olive oil and two tablespoons of honey massaging the scalp. This is very good home remedies for hair growth Then, let the combination act for at least half an hour and wash normally.

14. Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil or melaleuca oil will free of possible obstructions to the pores allowing hair growth. Also, moisturizes, repairs and strengthens favoring healthy, strong and beautiful hair.

15. Banana, eggs, honey, and beer

Adding these ingredients well crushed and mixed will get: nourish our hair, moisturize and increase its volume and thickness. It should be applied generously and keep it around 90 minutes.

16. Avocado oil

Avocado is a tree native to Mexico and Guatemala known in the rest of the world thanks to its popular fruit, the avocado. One of the most important properties of avocado oil is its antioxidant action, also will nourish and strengthen the hair by providing vitamin A, B6, and E.

17. Aloe vera

Aloe vera only or combined with other ingredients is very suitable to get along and beautiful mane. Many are the qualities that interest us about aloe vera, above all, it is a very mild remedy recommended for those who have sensitive skin or allergic reactions.

18. Mustard oil

Mustard oil provides heat and activates blood circulation by increasing hair growth. From three weeks after its first application, you will begin to perceive the results: a strong hair, healthy and less fall are the main ones.

19. Fenugreek

The properties of fenugreek are many. To increase hair growth it is advisable to mix with yogurt and apply for several minutes. We will eradicate or keep baldness and a much stronger hair.

20. Grape seed oil

The last remedy that we propose is one of the safest and most effective. Its also a home remedies for hair growth. We are talking about a light and slightly fatty oil, quick absorption recommended for any type of hair. In addition, it is totally odorless so it represents the best companion for shampoos and conditioners.


Hair is a beautiful body element for a human. Every man likes beautiful hair. Here we give you some home remedies for hair growth. You can get helped by using this tips. Thank You.