Customers want agile deliveries

New research has suggested that retailers are letting consumers down when it comes to flexible delivery options.  Not all retailers have this problem, however.  Take EJ Menswear they pride themselves on speedy deliveries of all their stock, like their latest range of Barbour Menswear products. The revelation came from a Retail Week publication – The delivery battleground – in conjunction with a delivery experience company.

The biggest barrier to customer satisfaction was found to be in flexible delivery after an order has been placed with a retailer. When asked, 70 per cent of the consumers surveyed wanted better delivery options, with just four per cent of retailers offering the chance to change shipping details after an order has been confirmed. This might include a change in time of day or an adjustment to the delivery address considering unforeseen circumstances.

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Customers need and want flexibility

Agile delivery options are in high demand. Consumers know a busy schedule can affect whether they may be available at a certain place and certain time, with several high-profile stories in recent years that highlight this issue. There is also the added concern of parcel security, with some people worried that they would have valuable items left in what a courier deems to be a safe place, but the customer considers a risk or target for thieves.

The delivery battleground highlights areas in which retailers should be striving to improve to close the gap between customer expectations and the service received. While new technologies are cited as possibilities in driving change, there is an overarching theme that the communication between the retailer, the carrier and the customer need to be much stronger.

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About the delivery battleground

Published by Retail Week, the digital guide looks at how retailers are trying to keep up with the expectations of consumers. Some of the detailed information includes a timeline of fulfilment and its huge evolution, along with a glance into the future of shipping and how things may change over time. There is also a table of retailers providing the widest range of fulfilment options for consumers, research from 50 retailing leaders, and consumer insights from 2,000 online shoppers in the UK.