Types of wool used in Aran jumpers

If you are looking to purchase a new Aran jumper, you might be wondering what wool is used in the manufacturing process. Here is some information on what is used to make these iconic sweaters:

All Aran jumpers are made using wool, but the type of wool will vary. If this is important to you, be sure to check which wool is used in the sweater you want to buy. Wool comes from goat or sheep and whenever it is cut from an animal, it soon replenishes and grows back. This makes wool the perfect renewable material.

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Irish wool is any wool taken from an Irish sheep and is usually quite coarse. Thankfully, this type of wool retains its natural oils which means any garments made from this material will keep its water-resistant properties. This means you can wear this wool even in the rain. That is why it was so popular with fishermen who could stay warm and dry even in bleak conditions. For Aran Sweaters, Visit Shamrockgift

You will also find that many Aran sweaters today are made using Merino wool which is a little softer and also available in a wide range of bright colours. This wool comes from sheep in New Zealand and Merino sheep are some of the world’s toughest sheep. It has become one of the most popular wools used in the making of Aran sweaters.

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It is warm and protective in cold weather but also breathable enough to wear in the summer. Merino wool is finer than Irish wool which makes it softer to wear. The fibres also have elastic properties which means the more you wear a sweater made from Merino wool, the more it will mould to fit your body shape perfectly.