How much do you know about the internet

There are many fascinating statistics that business owners need to be aware of when it comes to using the internet for business, such as how many of their clients are online, and how many people find their goods and services online by locating the website. One of the main issues is that the company does not have a succinct or useful  Domain name. Help is at hand in the form of this company This is a vital piece of the puzzle for your business especially as the internet and online sales now account for so much.

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Here are some fascinating facts from the internet that we have in 2020 so far.

It is estimated that there were over 4.54 billion internet users at the beginning of this year which is over 59 percent of the entire global population. This involves 58% of males and 48% of females.

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For the first time ever, conventional shop revenues were less than those made by online retailers in 2019 and it is believed that by 2023 the online shopping market will be worth more than $740 billion.

Another sector that has changed drastically over the years is online retail purchases, and this will only continue to be the case in light of the latest pandemic that is sweeping around the planet.

Amazon is thought to make up over 47 percent of the online shopping industry, which is an insane amount of income.