5G Smartphones Rumoured for 2019

Smartphones featuring 5G are going to be the star of the show in 2019, with the biggest brands confirming that handsets featuring this technology are scheduled for release next year. There are hints and leaks along with the official confirmations, and users can look forward to incredible speed, so much so that the way we use our handheld devices is going to change completely!

What Is It?

 Succeeding the 2G, 3G, and 4G systems, this evolution delivers enormous potential for device connectivity, much higher system capacities, and a huge reduction in cost. Add to this its energy-saving ability, the fact that it reduces latency, and the very high rate at which data is transferred, and you’ve got an idea of the kind of revolution coming in the next 12 months.

Whether you’re a punter who enjoys https://ausbet.net.au/, primarily use your smartphone for work-related tasks, or try to find a balance between work and play, you’re going to be excited about what’s around the corner. Think Augmented Reality, with computer graphics merging with real world objects, Virtual Reality, vastly improved resolutions for streaming, holographic displays, enhanced power, and next-generation cloud computing. 5G is going to be a huge leap forward for our phones, and, with the available bandwidth increasing, we’re going to see a lot more devices and gadgets going online, including self-driving cars.

The Samsung Galaxy S10

 With an expected release in February next year, the Galaxy 10 is going to offer its users unbelievable upload and download speeds, and open the gateway for AAA games. These will be accessed via streaming services, like PS Now, and it will also be able to deliver 4K, high-fidelity films easily as well.

The Huawei P30

 The P20 and Mate 10 gadgets that Huawei put out in 2018 were very impressive, which indicates that the 2019 5G-ready offerings are going to be worthwhile too, featuring improved connectivity and speeds.

The OnePlus 7

 Also possibly named the OnePlus 7T, this smartphone manufacturer based in China is famous for its penchant for speed, and users can look forward to rapid performance syncing along with whirlwind data transfer speeds thanks to the new technology. The release date is rumoured to be around the middle of next year, and, when one considers the quality of the hardware developed by this company, the upcoming device is a must-have.

 The Sony Xperia XZ 4

 It looks likely that at least one of Sony’s smartphones next year will feature 5G. Should they be the first company to do so, then we’re looking at getting hold of it before the end of February 2019. Powerful internals will combine with a good-looking OLED and 4 cameras in place to power AR.

The iPhone X

 This is unconfirmed, but the grapevine says that Apple is talking with MediaTek about sourcing a 5G modem for the iPhone being released next year. The company may also wait until 2020, when the technology is more established, however.