Top 10 best car exhaust sound that makes your car more louder

Here is the list of the top 10 best car exhaust sound in the world. And is that electricity threatens to take away one of the best things in the car: sound. So, let’s enjoy them, while we can! Prepare your ears, because this goes ‘in crescendo’. As car aficionados, I am sure that what we like the most is seeing and listening. Fortunately, the Internet allows it. So, what better way than to delight ourselves with the roar of the 10 cars that sound the best in the world? They are the elite of sound waves.
Some are even able to leave you pleasantly deaf or to listen to miles and miles, making it clear who is the king of the road. Forget about escape sounds exclusively based on ‘tubarros’. What you are going to hear here is the melodic noise of the induction of the best engines of each class. Not all of them are, obviously. But I’m sure everyone deserves to be here. Now turn up the volume and enjoy:

Top 10 best car exhaust sound

We are showing you some crazy loud exhaust. That will make your supercar more attractive and fabulous. I hope will be helped from this article. And make sure that you will like to make your supercar louder than other.


10) The Subaru Impreza WRX STI

We start with the lower part of the classification and the most usual number of cylinders on our roads. With one of the cars from the top 10 best car exhaust sound with the four-cylinder engine. Can you imagine what it is? One track, its cylinders do not point up. But for the sides. Here you have it: The Subaru Impreza WRX STI.


9) BMW M3 CSL, Top 10 best car exhaust sound

We increase the number of pistons to two. And, of course, serious questions come in here. Here is another exhaust top 10 best car exhaust sound. Do we choose the six cylinders in line, V6 or boxer? One can not resist the best of the three worlds. We have a triple tie. Each of them with its own distinct personality and unmistakable personality. First of all, I introduce you to the tenor star of ‘the six inline’: the BMW M3 CSL.


8) Honda NSX

The leader of the V6 is the DOHC of one of the most technological Japanese (in his day), the Honda NSX, the last samurai. The car that made things very difficult for the most sophisticated European supercars of the moment.


7) Porsche 911

And how not. You all knew very well who deserved to occupy this place; that of the ‘Flat-Six’ with better sound. To the hegemonic and immovable Trista; the sound of the Porsche 911.


6) Shelby Cobra 427

Number six goes to the most heartbreaking V8. And again, the dilemmas arise. Who will give him the best position: to some American V8 bronco with astronomical displacements of the muscle cars or to the sharper, but epiphanic sound of the most famous Italian V8s in the world? Top 10 best car exhaust sound. Hard decision. Very hard. So much that in the end there had to be a new draw. The ‘muscle cars’ have many followers. I am one of them. And they have a special charm that may not have the rest. That’s why I give this job to the American V8 that sounds the best in the world. To the consecrated king of them all: the Shelby Cobra 427.


5) Ferrari

Now touches the hard: the Italians. The brand is clear. It has to be a Ferrari, but what? The last V8, the Ferrari 458 Italia is not bad, but not bad. It’s good, and he knows it. It belongs to the top 10 best car exhaust sound. But not being the last means that it is the best sound. No. None of that. The F430 yes/no. It was not bad either, but it is the most linear of all, and that is not good here. If we look further back? The Ferrari 360 Modena gave the chest do almost anyone. But, more behind. Do you remember? No, not so much. The sound of the Ferrari F40 was very genuine, but no, not so far away.
The best noise came later. And I do not mean the F50. “And the Oscar goes to”: the Ferrari 355! The thing is going up. As we change the number of cylinders, the tones are changing and, above all, the range of tone is expanding and becoming more melodic. Although something very characteristic happens with the V10. Its sound used to be quite linear, although it was more complex and powerful. But that was before. Now, these blocks have two new and spectacular exponents for some years.


4) Porsche Carrera GT

Do not say that it is not brutal the savagery of melodies, lightning, and thunder that comes from the escapes of the Porsche Carrera GT?


3) Lexus LFA

And the newest His sound was specifically commissioned by Yamaha. Its also comes from the top 10 best car exhaust sound. And it sounds like an F1: the also exquisitely exclusive Lexus LFA.


2) Pagani Zonda 760RS

And we came to the field of electric V12, the world of super sports cars par excellence. The collection of those that sound good could be so long that this would already be eternal. it is another loud exhaust from the top 10 best car exhaust sound. And yes, it is that all those that come to mind now sound very good. But I think there is an indisputable leader: The Pagani Zonda F and all its variants.


1) Mazda 787B

And the last one. From the top 10 best car exhaust sound. The most peculiar, overwhelming and violent sound of this list of the 10 best sounding cars in the world does not go for a W16. As surely many of you were already thinking. The Veyron runs a lot and all that. But its sound is not to throw rockets. The engine that best sounds take one that, paradoxically, and although it ‘sounds strange’, and never better said, it does not have cylinders. The jackpot goes to Wankel’s rotary engine on the Mazda 787B.